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MG MGF Technical - Which Brakes

Hi Guys

Time to change and uprate the front brakes and would like to hear any feedback/advice anyone can provide?

Currently thinking of 2 options, the first being the Mike Satur Big brake conversion which I've been told comes with Black Dimond disks and IMO looks pretty good quality for 195 plus the VAT, the second being some green stuff discs in standard size for about 110.

I've got a set of green stuff pads waiting to go on once I've decided on the discs, used them before and like them due to the lack of brake dust, its just the
discs I cannot decide on.

I've got the 16" Multi Spoke wheels so think the Big brake conversion will fit - Am I right???

Any feedback would as usual be appreaciated.



The MS big brake kit is good on the TF, been on over a year now, no probs. Fits easily under 16" multispokes. I'm using Black Diamond Predator pads as supplied by Mike. Good balance and wear so far. Just going to Goodrich flexibles this week, when the rain stops!
Couple of photos if I can master the technology, hope of some help:
Jerry Herbert

Arron, which option you go for depends on what you are wanting to replace, what you are attempting to achieve, and what your budget is.

There are a huge range of potential options, ranging from standard brakes, through standard-sized front rotors with grooves mated with Mintex pads to large brake conversions such as Mike to the ultimate option, which must the the MG AP 4-pot caliper and rotors.

Of the two options you've chosen to highlight, I would go for Mike's conversion. It is a lot of kit for the money, and Black Diamond are of least good quality as the EBC discs.

I actually rather dislike EBC Greenstuff pads. They break up under pressure - a consideration if you plan to take your car on track for a track day or two.

A far better option are Mintex pads. 1144 are a good start, but range to the super-aggressive 1177s, which are motorsport grade, but work remarkably well from even low temperatures.

A short summary of brake options available can be found here:

Happy hunting!
Rob Bell

Jerry Thanks for the pictures, did not expect to see them, very impressed with the look and will probably be on the phone to Mike when the F comes out of the body shop (someone drove into her whilst she was stationary in a car park over Christmas)

Rob, as usual a wealth of information, printed it all out and will have a read and bore the wife tonight.


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