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MG MGF Technical - Which Exhaust

I have a Trophy and am now torn between fitting either the Mike Satur Daytona exhaust system and the B&G Super Sports system. The latter is cheaper and I like the upswept tailpipes, but the idea of four tailpipes at greater expense does appeal as well.

Does anyone know which would be better in terms of performance and noise output? In fact is there any improvement to be had over the standard Trophy pipes?

I already have the ITG Maxogen filter system installed, but I really can't make up my mind on exhaust systems.

Would welcome any views from you boffins out there!!!

Ken Matthews

There really isn't much in it between the two systems Ken. The Mike Satur system possibly has the advantage over the Miltek system that B&G sell (that's a difference of 2bhp though! see But either would make a sound choice.

Sound wise, the B&G system has a higher pitched wail, whilst the MS is slightly more bassy. Neither are excessively noisey or intrusive on a cruise.

Both are exceptionally well made, and both systems are available for fitting to Mk1 MGFs and MY2000/TFs.

Sorry if that doesn't make your choice any easier. In the end, I went for Mike's system. Love it. :o)
Rob Bell

Just spoke to Mike on the phone and he's now out of stock on the Daytona although there are developments for a new version in pipeline, along with some different tailpipe configurations and finishes. Obviously this is going to take some time before he can start selling them again so I'm really kind of stuck now!!!

The B&G ones are also out of stock but due in soon so maybe my mind has been made up for me because I want the job completed before the new season gets under way.

Removing the old Cat nuts can be a bind as well from what I gather. I don't want to wreck the Cat and end up needing a new one of those as well.


As a matter of interest has anyone tried the MGOC stainless steel exhausts? I notice that they advertise a 'quiet' one and wonder how performance compares.

I confess to being a little nervous about adding more noise to the current K&N.

Peter Ambrose

I have just spotted Rob's link which does answer much of my question - so I guess the rest of it comes down to the subjective assessment of "how loud is too loud?".

I bit of extra noise would be fine but...?
Peter Ambrose

I have fitted the Milltek exhaust (ie the B&G exhaust) to my Trophy and I'm really pleased with it. As Rob says it is not noisy on cruise (but obviously a little more than the Trophy exhaust). However when its on full song I wouldn't say it had a higher pitched wail but just louder and 'harder'. And IMO the Milltek is far better made. For a picture check out, Techs-speed visit 11 Feb in Our Events.
Blue Pocket Rocket

I've heard the Milltek and compared to others it is higher pitched ... not my cup of tea really. I've now got the MS Indy which has a nice sound but none compare (soundwise) to my first foray into exhausts - the Janspeed - grandaddy of the Cup Cars. It had a nice deep throaty rumble. I'd go back anyday (wanted to try something else).

Gaz R

The pitch difference between the SS and the Daytona is very noticeable. They both sound cool but I went for the Daytona for the quad pipes and the low pitch and am very happy with it.

If you really want the quad pipes then talk to B&G again - they told me ?one month ago that they now do their own quad pipe exhaust. I don't know anything about it, though.
David Bainbridge

There is a new Cat on Ebay at the moment - 60

It is a bargain and may be worth purchasing if you are replacing the exhaust.

Buy Mikes Stainless Cat Nuts too, these will make future removal a lot easier.

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