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MG MGF Technical - Which exhaust is best

There appears to be quite a few stainless steel exhausts on the market at the moment for the 'F', but I really don't know which one I want to shell out my hard earned cash on, I'm looking for one that gives a crisp note but doesn't burst the ear drums when crusing down the motorway.
I really like the look of the 'INDY' from Mike Satur, has anyone got this one fitted?
Any Ideas!!

AFAIK, the Mike Satur exhausts are all the same, albeit it different tail pipes. (i.e. same back box). I wouldn't have thought it would have made a difference to the sound if this was the case.

I believe there is a page on Rob Bell's site about them, I don't have the URL to hand though. I think...(?)

Steve Childs


Sounds to me like you are need one of Mikes exhausts.

Steve is right i belive, Mike does a generic silencer box with interchangable tailpipe finishers so they should all sound the same (correct me if i am wrong Mike). I have the "Daytona" system and i can honestly say that it was one of the best things i ever bought for Scarlet. Loud under accelleration, quiet when you want it to be. Fully adjustable mountings (the only one that is) allowing a perfect allignment of the tailpipes within the bumper recess. Nice intermediate note (not really deep, not high pitched), no annoying resonances. Highly recommended.

Recommended alternatives are:

SP / Miltek - 3" DTM style twin pipes. Loud when you want it to be, quiet when cruising. Higher pitched sound, very raspy. Superb pops and crackles on start up when idling. One pipe usually slightly higher than the other due to single mounting adjster (height of one pipe only), can be tricky to fit due to big bore tailpipes. Boy racers apply here!

Trevor Taylor Fxtreme - VERY deep sound (a really nice rumble!) but produces annoying resonances when cruising and can take some living with. No other exhaust sounds this good from the outside, but looks absolutely rubbish with 2 wimpy, tiny circular tailpipe finishers. Looks worse than standard IMO. Tailpipe alignment is usually good, but like the SP/Miltek has only one adjustment mechanism. Unique.

Scarlet Fever

ah, I forgot to mention I also have a Mike Daytona box fitted (and a 57i) together they make a very nice noise when accellerating and its hardly noticeable during cruising.


Steve Childs

Please tell me what adjustments are possible on the daytona exhaust as i am having trouble getting mine to sit in the centre of the recess. height is perfect but it needs to go 25mm to the left (viewed from the rear)

Q : has anyone tried the phoenix system, they advertise
in MG world, is there significant increase in power
any comments welcome .....

If you've not already done so fitting an alternative air filter gives a better increase in power if that is your main consideration. The K&N 57i kit is probably the most popular and costs around 90 though there are even better filter kits out there that are better still as they improve torque throughout the rev range where as the K&N seems lack improvements at lower revs. The K&N also produces a fantastic induction roar when accelerating and does not drone at motorway speeds as some exhausts can/do.

Getting back to your original question though, there was a round up of various exhaust systems in a previous MG mag sometime back, this is Rob Bell's cue to jump in withthe URL for the website he has the outcome on! :) Overall I believe the Daytona system available from Mike Satur was agree at being the best allrounder. The Phoenix system you mention was not in production at this time so was subsequently not including in the tests. ie. the power increases have not been proven independantly as with the other systems in the round-up.

Personally, I'm quite likely to be buying a Pheonix system at Silverstone but then I'm not as interested in the power increase, I'm more concerned with the sound (quite quiet compared with other systems) on longer journeys and the seemingly high quality finish of the Phoenix. HTH.

Home of the F'ers Gallery, MG Dealer Guide and new MGF FAQ. :)
Paul Lathwell


I have a Phoenix exhaust and am v. pleased with it. Can't be specific about any power increase as this was added at the same time as I moved from a K&N filter to an ITG enclosed filter but the sound and look are good for me. Pictures available soon (I guess) on Rob's dark-side web site - plus Rob took recordings of a range of exhausts (including mine) recently which he may well be planning to add to the site along with the pics. (Rob ?)

I'll be at Silverstone on Sunday (10.00am parade laps) if you want to look/hear in the flesh.

R573 CBW


I'm an exhaust enthusiast and tried myself already two of the aftermarket parts. Have also driven yself several different set-ups, not so much experience like Scarlet and Rob, though.

I immidiately recommend to check the sound yourself and decide for 'your best'.

My humble opinion.
- Owned a 'Jansen' Ec-made and approved one for more than one year. Can be compared with here now availiable exhausts from A.M.T. (
- drove an MGF with the Phoenix. This is IMO a bit louder (deap also) than the other EC-approved exhausts. Similar to the Sebring and REMUS exhausts.
- only heard the Satur exhausts. IMO the noise is 'betwen the EC-things and the Milltek/SP
- Now I got the Milltek MGF01/SP, louder than the Satur ones. On accelerating in the range of 3500 revs +++ you get the >Ferrari< feeling. (Sorry for this mad comparison). You woun't believe it, but I got this exhaust registered as legal in individual case by the German TUEV... (LOL). I heated it up before I joined the approval process.
If started from cold... my godness I like the noise special if leaving my garage inside a small rear house area of my current home.

- FXtreme from Trevor Taylor. Really the loudest and deap grumbling one. Would get it, .... but the wife ;-)

Power increase of all those exhausts... IMO differences and raise amount is 'academic'.

There are sound files online at the following pages:
Andy Gilhooley (Satur)
Dave B (Milltek/SP)

Dieter Koennecke


When you took me for that spin in your freshly modified F with the Phoenix system you still hadn't formaed any solid opionion on the presence of any drone at cruising speeds, ie. motorway etc. How do you find living with the exhaust now? Only I'm very tempted to get one at Silverstone and want to know I'm doing the right things as it were. :)
Paul Lathwell

Silverstone will be the best place to get any. May be also with a good discount and probabbly Scarlets DIY fitment support at the car park ... *g*.

Exhausts have IMO good second hand value, so you surely can change to another one later without much loss.
Dieter Koennecke

Nik wrote...

>> Scarlet.
Please tell me what adjustments are possible on the daytona exhaust as i am having trouble getting mine to sit in the centre of the recess. height is perfect but it needs to go 25mm to the left (viewed from the rear) <<

Hmmm, an odd missalignment to have IMO. There is some horizontal adjustment (roughly 30mm total (15mm each side)) in the rubber exhaust mountings and it should just be a case of getting under the car and physically sliding the whole thing over. I have never come accross this kind of missalignment before, part of the installation of any of the available MGF exhaust systems is to position the silencer box hooks centrally in these mountings. Anyway, this should be a really easy DIY fix for you as all it'll take is jacking the car up and a little strength.

Most systems have this kind of horizontal adjustment as well as on the RH side, a height adjustment on the hook itself. Mike's has an additional height adjuster on the LH side as well as detachable tailpipes making installation easier and allowing each pipe to be positioned at an equal height and the tailpipe finishers can be matched in rotation and thier depth into/out of the bumper recess.

Scarlet Fever

Has anyone heard or have any comments regarding the Magnex exhaust for the F?

Its advertised as being 2 * twin pipes.

I would like to get an exhaust with the priority being the sound.

With so many makes/models to choose from its hard (especially as you cant listen to adverts to see what they sound like).


Re your question:

>>When you took me for that spin in your freshly modified F with the Phoenix system you still hadn't formed any solid opionion on the presence of any drone at cruising speeds, ie. motorway etc. How do you find living with the exhaust now?

I did find it loud moving straight from a standard exhaust but I'm now very used to it and find it no problem. There is an exhaust note at motorway speeds but it doesn't get overbearing.

Whilst I have now driven a number of cars with different exhausts they haven't been at constant motorway speeds and so I can't compare them in this particular way.


Cheers Dave, think you'ce just tipped the scales to "let's get one!". ;-)
Paul Lathwell

Thanks for the reply, It is easy to slide the exhaust into the correct position. As soon as I let it go it slides itself back off line. I will try to seek people like yourself out at Silverstone and maybe this problem will be rectified.

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