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MG MGF Technical - Which Panel Filter?.

As I am having a "Performance" Exhaust fitted in the next week of so, thought will fit a new air filter as well, Dont want to go down the induction kit route just yet so...........

Which would be the best Panel filter to fit performance wise??.


Mark, they're all much of a muchness really - see

I've used K&N in the past - but I would get what ever is easiest to find and cheapest. Should set you back by about 30 quid.

Incidently, routing the air intake to the nearside air intake is a "very good idea" - Moss do a suitable kit. More here:
Rob Bell

Thanks Rob (again).

Was thinking K+N, as you say cheap and available ( there is a Moss shop not to far from me.)

By the way the Exhaust I am having fitted is a "bespoke" one, so will post some pics when done, you can choose how loud/quiet you want, with a choise of tail pipe options. ;o)

Nice Mark :o) Who's making it for you?
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed on 24/03/2005

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