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MG MGF Technical - Who can tell me why these are not a bargin?

the second one says Nova only - how is this so?
Will Munns

They're not bargains because....
There's 6 days to go so the chances are the price will increase before the auction closes.


K&N's 57i kits are specifically designed for particular engines (Hence the BMW and Nova in the descriptions).

Also, there CAN be problems even when they are running as K&N designed them: fitted one to our 2l Astra (Ecotech) and it made it sound like a tractor when it was idling. Hence it had to come off again! (got a panel instead). I guess that if you don't care (because its in a Caterham, or a single seater) then the noise would be fine...

We're just lucky that a) it releases power and b) sounds good with the K series induction setup.


This thread was discussed on 19/06/2002

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