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MG MGF Technical - Why do I own an MGF?

Why to I bother to own an MGF?
Since waking it up from its winter break in April, I have had to have a new alternator and fan belt, two front wheel bearings,had to have the suspension pumped up, replaced the rear screen and two new front windscreen wipers then I had to tax it and insure it.
Then last week it failed it's mot, it need a new wish bone, two new track rod ends, the horn had to be replaced (the only time that it is used is when it goes for MOT!) other daft little things like bulb replacement and headlights out of alignment.
The garage did the work and it passed it's MOT on friday, today I took it for a drive and I only got two miles when the front nearside wheel and hub broke free and the wheel shot straight into the wheel arch and the car came to an unexpected stop in a grass verge!!
Fortunately I was only doing approx 40 MPH, If I had been caning it I would be writing this from a hospital bed.
The RAC came to my rescue and on inspection he found that lower pin on the new wishbone did not have a bolt in it, when the pin came out the hub went outover and snapped the top ball joint off.
The garage that did the work opens at 9 am tomorrow, I will be on the phone and I will be giving them both barrels!
R Appleton

Answer - when it's working, it's more enjoyable than your average hatchback, so you keep it for longer, and it gets older and all these things wear out, just like any older car. None of your sad story is because it's an MGF - hope you get it fixed so you can carry on enjoying it!
Mike Cunningham

I'd take the garage to the cleaners!!!

That sort of workmanship is completely unacceptable. It could have killed you and God knows who else.

You should pursue them for some serious compensation and a courtesy car.
Sam Murray

Having no front wheel must have been frightening for you. Glad to hear you are OK! Did the car suffer much consequential damage?

As for failing to fit a nut properly - anyone could and nobody should! I expect the garage will be as embarrassed about this as you are cross. I'd be livid! They should be insured for this type of error, so do checkout getting a like-for-like loan car pending return of your own.

Back on topic, you have an MGF 'cos it's a great car to drive. It's a fact of life that frequency and cost of maintenance rises with mileage and age. Unlike your human self, you can repair and renew anything on your car at reasonable cost. Compared with other sports cars, MGF parts are not terribly expensive and very few jobs require massive hours of labour, providing the garage/mechanic is experienced with the marque. Not limited to but including double checking critical items are torqued properly!

J Lennon

The mechanic was abolutely mortified when I phoned him,he went straight to my house to inspect the car, I wasn't home but my wife said he was extremely apologetic, he couldn't move the car straight away and he returned yesterday and did a temporary repair in order to remove the car from my front garden.
As for the damage, the front wing was bent outwards, the top ball joint was snapped and the brake pipe broke. I have no idea if the steering linkage took any damage, however the garage have said that they will do all of the repairs and get the car back to me as soon as possible.

I am not entirely sure if I will ever feel safe in that car again
R Appleton

It's a shame it happened. It wasn't anything to do with the car's design - a human-being made a mistake. You've lived to tell the tale. They'll fix it and double check everything. You will be wary of something going wrong for the first few miles on getting it back. You'll get over it. MGF's are well known for keeping their occupants safe in crashes - you've no reason to feel nervous.

Hope you get some summer time in it this year!


J Lennon

Have got the car back now and all of the damage has been repaired, they have even valeted the car as well.
I have sent the wife out to do a test drive in it, if she says it is ok I may have a little go of it as well ;0)
R Appleton

I am in dispair.... I took the car out at 0600 this morning and returned at 0710, the car worked really well.
Got in it at 1145 and it would not start, all the lights on the dashboard come on, but nothing else happens, I have checked the battery and it is showing 12.55v. Normally if the battery is low I get a clicking noise, this time there is nothing at all.
To say that I swore at the car was an understatement!!

Can anyone shed some light on what has gone wrong with it this time?

R Appleton

I would remove the engine grille, reach down to the starter motor and slide its spade connector (ignition feed) up and down a bit to cut through the corrosion. It takes less than a minute and might be all of the problem - it can't do any harm either. HTH; otherwise call your garage again!

Have you checked the 'cut out switch' inside engine bay on passenger side (UK)?
Ted Newman

Charless sounds like he is on the right track.
When a car is only used seasonally it is common for corrosion to occur on the starter connections and also where the batter cables clamp onto the battery posts.
I would remove the battery cables and using a bit of sandpaper clean the inside of the clamps and the outside of the posts.

Good luck, don't lose faith in your little car

Rich McKIe

You were right Charless, I moved the spade connector a few times and the car started, thank you.

I now have a new problem...the alarm keeps going off intermittently. the only way I have managed to keep it quiet is to unplug the horn.
This car is certainly testing my patience!


R Appleton

Bob, have you tried locking it with the key only, might stop you getting woken up in the middle of the night. I've had to do this since living next door to a taxi driver, his damn radio keeps setting it off if I arm the volumetric sensor.
Leigh Reid

Great result! Thanks for the feedback!
As for the alarm - I leave one of mine's horns disconnected all year between MOTs as I have been too idle/busy to fix {(probably) the boot hinge wiring loom}.
I never use the car's horn anyway - needlessly aggressive.

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