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MG MGF Technical - Will not start

As the weather has been a bit on the foul side PurpleG has stayed at home.

This morming I decided I should at least start the engine and let it run for a short time. Maybe even go for a short trip,

When I tried to start the car all I got was a rather strange noise - a little like the whirring we achieved by putting a piece of cardboard into the spokes of our bikes while we rode around.

The egine is turning over - the rev counter is climbing but no go

Any Ideas?



Common fault with an unused car is a low battery. There is a small load from the alarm,immobiliser etc. which quickly flattens a battery that is getting a little older.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

I had a flat battery quite often because I don't use the F enough !

Overcame problems by fitting a master switch cutting off the battery.

Never been flat since !

Note: parked indoors so no need for alarm etc.

Thank you gentlemen. Have organised a battery charger.

I have a trickle feed system built in to the battery but have never used it - now perhaps is the time.

Hope the weather is nicer than ours

thanks again


This thread was discussed on 12/06/2005

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