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MG MGF Technical - Window clunking... at any position. Can you help?

Hi, my driver's window clunks all the time, little down, fully up, what ever I do at any position.

It didn't use to do that.

Any ideas on what I should do..?

Please let me know. Thank you.

Hanah Kim

Hi , not sure but sounds like the same problem that mine has just been taken to the garage for. The window stoppers ( or something . someone correct me if i'm completely wrong) have slipped or just worn on mine. I cant open or close it without it juddering - makes me think its just going to stay in one position.

not usr how much to fix as mines being done under warranty.

If it is the window stops, parts are about 4 from Rover. Instructions to fit are on several sites, I think has the instructions and the part numbers are in the archives.

Thanks guys.

Windowstop has been changed to MK3 ones about 1.5 years ago by myself.

wonder if something is loose...

MG dealers are sh*t at finding faults and they can't do anything...
Hanah Kim


a re-alignment of the window-lead bracket near the slot inside the door panel may help.
But take care on the current locations of the adjustment nuts.
Don't change the depth due further upcoming leak troubles. So move only sidewards.
Dieter Koennecke

I had the same problem for a long time and I took everything apart to check. I found that the problem was the guide shown in Dieter's picture above. This guide has a part attached to it (on the right of the picture) that is riveted in place and is allowed to move in one direction to allow for "depth" adjustment. I found the this joint was a bit worn and allowed a bit of play causing the window to rattle in all positions (at first it only rattled when fully down, but later it gor worst). I removed the guide from the car and drilled an extra hole for a small bolt and nut which now complements the rivet. It still allows for depth adjustment but it has to be done before fitting the guide back in the door. The window is now completely noise free.

It is difficult to explain in writing but I have some pictures if someone would like to put them up.

Spyros Papageorghiou

>I have some pictures if someone would like to put them up.

You are welcome

Dieter Koennecke

Quick update.
Spyros, many thanks !!
Dieter Koennecke

Thanks Spyro and Dieter for your support.

I think I kinda get it, it's just that I am not that willing to take whole door apart....
I might make things worse.

Maybe I should pay someone to do it, it's just matter of WHO! I can't trust Rover dealers... and probably will tell me, 'oh they are designed to do so' or suggest me of getting a whole window guide set.

Yes Spyro, my window only rattled when window down, but now they rattle all the time.

**sigh** never seen a car with rattling windows...

I saw the new Mini yesterday, and test driving it next week. The super charged one. I am so looking forward to it. It looks great!
Hanah Kim

I just looked at the Dieter's page again.. I think it's not too hard as long as that guide comes out easily and easy to put it back.

Does that guide come out easily? If so, I am willing to give it ago... drilling another hole is not a huge problem. But only problem is finding out if that is the actual problem that is causing the clunking.

On the passengers window, it only clunks when the window is down tiny bit. It doesn't rattle when it's fully down or fully up.

Dieter, what do you mean 'realign the guide?'
-> is this what Spyro has done?

Thanks I will look foward to ur replies!

(and Dieter, have u tightened ur u clamps? is the noise gone? Mine is okay so far, I have done about 90 kms)
Hanah Kim


Dieter, thanks very much for posting the pictures, you are very quick!

Hanah, as Dieter says this can be one of the reasons why the window rattles. Your best bet in my opinion is to take off the door trim and check the window yourself. First try tightening all the bolts that hold the window mechanism to the door (there are several and they have been known to work loose - use some Loctile). Then move the window to different positions and shake it with your hand to try to identify where the noise is coming from. This is what I did and it took me some time to determine that it was the guide. This is a job best done by yourself- no proffessional mechanic will have the time to look carefully and they will probably change a whole lot of parts with new.
The guide does come off rather easily but it requires a bit of juggling.

Spyros Papageorghiou

The door panel is very easy to remove - the bottom of the door is push fit and needs a good tug (the clips are weak and will break so get about 10 spare)
But all in all its very very easy!

Thanks guys (Spyro / Tony / Dieter as always)

I have taken off the panel more than 10 times...

To find the source of noise, but my tools couldn't adjust any of the hex nuts (what do u call them) because it was different size. I was told it was something like 10mm / 8.3".

So today I am buying some new tools as well as parts Tony has mentioned. I have about 7 spare already I think.

I have taken off panels to sound deaden / new speakers / tweaters / window stops.. etc.

Just scared to take the window bits apart that's all! But looks like I will give it ago though!

Thanks guys I will let u know.
Hanah Kim

>Dieter, what do you mean 'realign the guide?'
-> is this what Spyro has done?

Nope, Spyros suggestion relates to rewok the guide.
What I wanted to say including the last message from Spyros was:

Check for rattling causes at first, as mentioned before unbolting anything.
Than re-align the guide by making the fixture bolts loose (not the adjustment bolts) and move the guide sidewards in direction of the aluminum bracket with the blue coloured plastic.
The guide should be parallel to the screen lead, minimum play when the screen goes up and down.
D'ont forget to grease the guide lead.

Be careful, I think you understood :)

Good luck
Dieter Koennecke

Tightened up the nuts, and things are a lot better. Window clunking (tiny bit) is still there when the window is fully down.

Still... quite happy with it.

Oh Dieter, do you know where you plug in the testbook thing at Rover?

Is it on the fuse box circuit (under the steering wheel?)?

Just curious
Hanah Kim

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