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MG MGF Technical - window gaps

while washing my TF today i noticed a gap between the window and the door, it is the first i have noticed it in the 6 months that i have owned the car and makes me wonder if it should be there the passenger gap is larger than driver gap what do you guys think if it should not be like this i will have to get it into the garage. it is sort of like a water channel about 2mm wide.
wanted to download a photo but cant.
s lammie

Is this the gap between the door glass and the outer weather strip? If so, nothing to worry about. Your car has a slight window misalignment, but it is not enough to cause problems. Any water entering the door will drain straight out of the drain holes at the base of the door's shell.

Something to mention to the dealership come service time I reckon.
Rob Bell

thats the won rob there is a picture of the gap on the zed car forum under window gaps by mgtf
s lammie

This thread was discussed on 02/12/2002

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