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MG MGF Technical - Window rattle. How can I stop it?? Driving me nuts.. I've looked through the archive

My driver's side's window rattles.. It's so annoying.

How can I stop it..? I can take it when it rattles when the window is down a little, but it now rattles when the window is fully up as well.

What is loose? I got Paul's copy of work manual, but I don't know which one is causing the problem. (someone mentions about blue holder thingy... it costs a lot to replace)

It's only the driver's side..

and both windows rattle when the windows down a little (depending on how down they are)...

Arrrg, this is the only problem I have with my car. Nothing major, but it's annoyance factor.

Rattle rattle rattle on crappy NZ road. It is known as the harshest road in the world.

Help me! I want to do it on my own, because I have all the time in the world at the moment.

Thank you!

Hanah Kim

Fit a K&N plus sports exhaust, turn up the stereo and put your foot down - you wont here the window:-)

Ted Newman

Fit a K&N plus sports exhaust, turn up the stereo and put your foot down - you wont hear the window:-)

Ted Newman

Come on Ted, i know you can do better than that!

I am really looking for an answer here..

I got a K&N and loving it.. also love the KH splitter. Did 205km/h not long ago man so stable...

Can't afford the exhaust though.. i want one
Hanah Kim

Had this myself on more than one occasion. it was always a result of the window supports breaking. this is quite a common problem and there should be plenty about it in the Archive.
Steve Brough

I had this annoyance for ages. Took off the door skin about 4 times over a number of months and adjusted the lateral movement nuts thinking that it was bouncing on the rails. However, attacked the door big time when the window slipped outside of the roof once and looked at each nut in term, ie breaking thru' some of the plastic sheet to see what each one did. There was one nut that was basically loose mid-way down, tighten it up to the machanism behind and rattle has gone completely. Your problem is likely be the same, don't let a dealer at it though as he will know no more than you in terms of window adjustment, its just trial and err with the different nuts meantioned in the manual - and you'll take a lot more care as its your car.

Both Steve and Charlie.

Changing window supports or finding out the loose nut, has it stopped rattling at all times with window down and up?

Please let me know.

Thank you.
Hanah Kim

Not rattles in which ever situation you care to put the window in. Have a go, I remember how annoying that noise can be, make the car seem cheap.

Thanks Charlie.

Wow.. that's exactly what I thought.. I feel like I am driving a crap car... judder judder judder every time..

I will definately look into that...

I took it to dealers and they don't even try to look at it. They just go, if it rattles when the window is a little down, then it's supposed to do that!


Dumb asses.
Hanah Kim

I had this for agens untill I changed dealer. If you do this yourself I would suggest that you get a load of spare clips for the door trim as these tend to snap nomatter how careful you are removing them.

Please note, no need to remove the door skins, where is that mig welder? :-)

Tony Smith

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