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MG MGF Technical - Windscreen wipers packed in


Windscreen wipers stopped working. Checked the fuse and its okay. Is there a simple method to tell if the motor need replaced ? If I break the electrical connection can I put 12V across the motor supply to tell if it is working ?

Any help would be good.
David Law

It is not unheard of for water to enter the wiper motor housing, flooding the mechanism and destroying the motor, seizing the mechanism. See the archives, there is more on this there.

Another possibility for failed wiper movement is a dislocated wiper mechanism (again, more in the archives). Mike Satur sells a better engineered replacement linkage kit.

So I guess the next step is determine why the motor has failed:
1. is it getting a power supply (disconnect the power cables, and see if it is getting power)
2. is the motor flooded with water?
3. has the mechanism seized?
4. Is the motor working, but this movement is not being translated into wiper movement?

Good luck David - and let us know what you find out
Rob Bell

Thanks Rob

Does the supply for the wipers come through a relay ? Do you know what one it is and where it is located ? I might try changing it before dismantling the motor.

When I brake the connection to the wiper motor there are 5 leads going to the motor. If I put 12V across the leads should the motor run ? Can you tell me what leads are 12V +VE AND gnd ?

Thanks again
David Law

I couldn't say off the top of my head David, but Dieter's website should prove very useful, as all the wiring diagrams are included there:

This, in particular, should be helpful:

Yes, there is a relay: it's in the fusebox under the steering wheel.

If you wanted to check the operation of the motor, then putting a live +12V into terminal 5 and earthing on terminal 3 of the motor should do the job - but best check the wiring diagram, as I've only quickly glanced at it...
Rob Bell


I think Bruce is missing for best comments though.
Find some related info on
and in the archives, of course.

Dieter K.

Nice one Dieter - I hadn't realised that you'd written up a summary of the wiper problems - great work! :o)
Rob Bell

Thanks Guys

On the wiring diagram it refers to a 'multi function unit'. Is this the relay unit ? Can you tell me physically where the relay unit is. I can see 3/4 relays beside the fuse box but which one is it and can I swap it over with another of the same kind to verify the relay is the problem. Thanks again.
David Law
Note sure, but

the lower place is for the HT Relais.
The upper for Window Lift Motors

*Assumingly* the centre may be the one for the wiper ?
Dieter K. @ work?

>> On the wiring diagram it refers to a 'multi function unit'. Is this the relay unit ? <<

No, it isn't. The relays are located as Dieter indicates. Not sure which of the three is the wiper relay - but Dieter's process of elimination makes sense to me!
Rob Bell

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