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MG MGF Technical - Windstop - Brown & Gammons

I'm thinking of buying a B&G windstop for my imminent TF. In the brochure is says no drilling - so how does it fit to the car? I looks like it attaches to the hood frame?

Secondly anyone got one? What's the quality and finish like? How stable is it?

Any feedback gratefully received!


Ian Walker

Windstop has special brackets which mount under the T bar so no drilling. It works very well, but relys on friction hinges which can come loose causing the windstop to drop forwards onto the back of the headrests.

Very good value for money, easy to fit and does the job well. This is why we voted it top in our windstop tests. Appearance? Well, this is entirely subjective but both the MG-R one and the Newton one could be described as "tights stretched over a cheap frame".

Scarlet Fever

But thn the frame is covered in what a friend of mine referred to as 'fake leatherette'. Not sure whether she meant the double negative, but it's pretty close to leather.

I've had one for about a year, absolutely no complaints, other than that the thing folds down easily (if you have the mounting nuts adjusted correctly), and it's v annoying when you fold the hood down to ralise that the windstop is now trapped under the folded hood.

Up there with the K&N for bangs/buck.

Ed Clarke

Thanks Ed and 'SF'. Is it possible to tighten up the 'friction hinges'? Are they the 'friction hinges' effectively the mounting bolts?

I've looked at the hood assy on my F do the bolt into the frame where the crosshead screw is?


Ian Walker

From memory...

You need to remove the T bar to fit, it has a bracket which then makes use of existing bolts (hmmm, IIRC it was the seat belt mounting). These brackets then project rearwards from underneath the (re-ritted) T bar. On the end of each bracket is bolted a 'vertical' member and on the end of each of these is a horizontal member which heads back towards the front of the car and carries the windstop.

The friction hinges ARE effectively the mounting bolts between the horizontal members and the windstop. The tighter these are done up, the less likely the windstop is to fall forward (and the more effort is needed to raise or lower the windstop). These bolts effectively undo themselves through raising and lowering, so you need to be aware of them and adjust thme occasionally.

My advice is to go for a Mike Satur Ali one, or better still a Boxer roll bar. Both are far more substantial items and (love them or hate them) show some real design and quality input. You get what you pay for.

Scarlet Fever

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