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MG MGF Technical - WINDSTOP dimensions

Could someone please tell me the size of the windstops .
Length and height please, I know there are various types so any info would be graeful.
Also if the top corners are rounded or cut at 45 degrees.
See you at Silverstone
AP Jones

Which windstops AP?
Rob Bell

Any type - preferebly full width similar to the mesh MG Rover supplied ones or the perspex type.
Not mike saturs roll hoop type (good as they are)
I haven't got the car with me at the moment so can't measure what would fit under the softtop.
Alan Jones

These are the dims of my MS Glass windstop.

Phil Brindley - Leicester

Alan, as far as I know, all the windstops currently sold commercially fit under (or inside) the softtop - when it is UP. Any that don't fit inside would last about 10 minutes in a commercial environment.

I have the Newton/B&G windstop (mesh similar to the MGR but needs no holes in the t-bar) and it does "what it said on the tin". The softtop goes up & down with the windstop upright; goes up, but not down, with the windstop recumbent; lays down on the hood cover when the softtop is down.

May measure later if I find a measure (warehouse full of neonatal disposable ones but nothing usefull).

I have the same as John P. It works a treat and was very easy to fit. Good value for money
Andrew Regens

Many thanks for all your comments,
I noticed the results of different types of windstop and was puzzled to see the mesh one performed better than the solid plexiglass types. However I personally would prefer not to see the framework of the windstop in the rear view mirror (might miss the following flashing blue lights 8o)
The dimensions of the Newton seem to be fine, I might experiment with drilling a few small holes in the Lexan to relieve some of the back pressure. Or try and recreate a similar effect that the Mike Satur roll hoop type by some judicial profiling.
I have in the past fitted a replacement rear screen in the soft top also following a faux pas have made and fitted alum rad. grilles in the past see photo and description in link below. COPY and PASTE

(BTW I am member of the this BBS but not at work address)
MGF wifes
72 midget
59 Frogeye Sprite
86 MG Metro
And a Suzuki Bandit motorbike when I want burn of Porsches , Ferraris MGFs etc
Alan PJ

Sorry Alan - still can't access your photo album :o(
Rob Bell

The above link should work to get you to the MGF group site.
If not, try it in Google or simply search for <Yahoo groups> then <mgf-sportscars> you will then be invited by yahoo to join the group - It is what it says on the tin free to join and easy to download picures .
The Alum grille is shown in the Photos section in the album entitled Alum Grille (surprisingly)
When i have made a windstop, tried it, modified it to suit, I will download pics & details on the above site.

Putting up the softtop does seem to defeat the object of having an open top sports car capable of 100mph
A see thru (homemade from free materials)windstop - even partially succesful will be an improvement. I don't want to drive at >60mph all the time (frogeye and midget territory) or above 80 (motorbike). If it doesn't work we can take it off. Or I let the missus drive (it's her car)
Alan PJ

Alan PJ,

you said "I might experiment with drilling a few small holes in the Lexan to relieve some of the back pressure. Or try and recreate a similar effect that the Mike Satur roll hoop type by some judicial profiling"

what are you going to do?

I'm going to project a self made windstop using mikesatur glass (I have got a ms windbreak screen, now) and fit it in a system similar to newton commercial/B&G windstop. (this to make windstop near to my head and to avoid a part of actual wind). If it will be not anought I want to increase windstop's hight.
It's, in your opinion, a good idea or you know glass windstop has too back pressure to be fitted on a system similar to b&g/nc one?

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