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MG MGF Technical - Windstops...

I know there are several windstops available on the market and I was considering one that can be installed without drilling.

My research has turned up 1 or 2 examples however I fear they require the T-Bar removing and whilst I am reasonably competent at DIY, I just wanna plug & go!!

Can anyone advise how much of the car needs dismantling before a windstop can be bolted on ?

If anyone is following my posts, my TF160 is due in this Friday for the fourth (yes 4th) time in less than 2 months to try and get the door seals sorted out. Apparently new seals ALLROUND have been ordered this time. I wonder if they will notice the passengers door window is lower than the drivers ? (this was done on the first attempt to cure it)

It seems once one side is okay, the other goes out and the seals just don't fit on the windscreen.

I've now decided that if I don't get it sorted this week I will take it to ANY dealer in England who will do it on warranty and has a good reputation for sorting out door seals/leaks.

So can anyone tell me of one ??????

Oh well, its still a great car....

S Reinson

The least "destructive" windstop currently on sale is the one marketed by Newton Commercial and others. It bolts to the existing mounting points under the T-bar, and only needs the T-bar moving out of the way to fit.
Directions for achieving this to be found at

Good luck on finding a dealership capable of aligning windows Shaun - unfortunately, I've yet to find one :o(
Rob Bell

I got a mike satur glass one. Looks superb and works!
Took 5 minutes to fit. Remove the three poppers/studs on the T - Bar. wipe down and clean. Remove double sided tape on windstop, carefully line up re fit poppers/studs. Set Angle and drive :-)

>The least "destructive" windstop currently on sale is...

the mike satur windstop, undo the three screws on the T-bar, unpeel the stick on the windstop, do up screws job done.

It really is that easy. (and it's the best looking windstop yarda yarda yarda ;-)

Will Munns

Beat you to it Will.. ;-)

Will Munns

D'oh! Yes, you're right, somehow managed to forget Mike's glass windstop (kept thinking of his roll hoops!)
Rob Bell

Heres the pics

Don't be too biased boys. The windstop from Chrom Design won't need any drilling and is (also) very straight forward to fit (I can do it without wondering in the middle of the process: why have I started with this).

Biased? Who us???????????

Mikes doesn't need the T Bar to be removed to fit, but looks like the Chrom Design one does.

What is the double sided tape for ?

Doesnt sound very robust does it ?
S Reinson

It's very strong, been on the car for a year and no movement.

So weather or not it sounds robust is a fairly moot point
Will Munns

Wots it for ?

Does it hold the stop vertical on the studs, or does it just offer some slight support to stop it wobbling ?
S Reinson

I think it adds extra strength, but Mike (who after all designed the thing) says it's just there to stop movement and squeeking.
Will Munns

I imagine thats it allows a solid seal along the T bar, given that the T bar is a bit nobbly

Hi Shaun
I have a Newton Commericial windstop for sale. It is two years old and is in excellent condition. I could even be persuaded to fit it for you if you picked it up as it only takes 15 minutes. Yours for 50.

Cambridge to Baisldon about 1 hour tops - then you drive home hood down and test it out.
david stonehouse

This thread was discussed on 04/11/2003

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