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MG MGF Technical - Wiper and Horn Failure


Over the weekend I have had sudden windscreen wiper, water, and horn failure - are these connected? Can anyone help or should I take to my garage?

I can not get my wipers to do anything at all. The only problem that I had with them previously was that on the "1st" setting - intermitent - instead of going up then down in one action they went up, then stuck there for a little while before coming back down and so on.

I have checked the fuse for the horn under the bonnet and all is OK - are there more fuses anywhere???!

Thanks to anyone who can give me some advice.


P.S. thanks to Graham Martin, County Durham, for help with my last problem with gears - it was the 4.00 clip spring you talked about and now everything is fine! :)

Hi Kelly, there is another fusebox in the passenger compartment, below the steering wheel.
There are 2 plastic screws that you need to turn quarter turn with a coin to release the door.
According to my handbook the fuse for the wipers in No.19 which is the bottom right hand one. It should be 20A.
Steve White

This thread was discussed on 19/02/2007

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