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MG MGF Technical - Wiper motor Going Going Gone (MGF VVC 1999)

Hi my wiper motor has died. Gradual process but now no longer works. Can anyone tell me if Rover used the same components in any of there other cars ? Increases my E bay options. Or perhaps these are serviceable components and can be fixed. The wipers ground to a halt after a week of slowing down. Thanks in advance for any advice etc.


Fiat Croma dated anywere in the mid 90th is said to have the same motor :)
Much easier is to source a second hand original one from a breaker.
And don't forget to put back the black coloured plasic cover above the wiper motor assy, or it will fail again after the next rain.

Thanks Dieter

My plastic cover has been Missing for 2 months after bleeding the Coolant system. Never put it back!!! Thanks to a fantastic British Summer The inevitable was rapid.

Similar happened to me about a year ago - and yes, it was due to my not having the plastic shroud fitted! It no longer fitted following the relocation of the brake master cylinder, but that's another story - and a good excuse! LOL

Replacement, as I am sure you know, is pretty straightforward - some instructions here:

Got a second hand replacement from the MGF centre - but motors do turn up on flea bay. One note of caution - as I found out, the electrical connectors do alter with the age of the vehicle. However, the motor and loom wiring remains the same, so transferring across the plug from your old motor to the new is very easy.

Good luck
Rob Bell

It is worth unscrewing the cylindrical metal motor cover, which can be removed without taking out the wiper linkage etc, to check that its not simply filled with water (as happened on my 1999 VVC!) I ended up drying the coil out in the oven, but that's because I removed mine before checking it out. Tedious, but free. Has worked fine for the 4 years since I did this!
Pete D

Yes, most definitely - although in my case, it effected only a temporary cure as subsequently one of the terminals corroded through, defeating subsequent attempts to make a soldered repair... :o(

Probably worth obtaining another motor for a spare - I was very very glad I did this!!!
Rob Bell


Took the motor housing off and was amazed at how much water dropped out. A quick Clean and it's sorted. Not sure for how long but there is a spare waiting in the garage courtesy of E bay.

Thanks for the advice

hi rowan, i had the same problem as you described, after fitting replacement i drilled a 3mm hole in the bottom of the motor housing to let the inevitable build up of water drain out and also tied a plastic bag round the motor to prevent water from getting in, crude but its been ok since fitting 2 years ago.
s hardy

Just replaced mine, the commutator was almost worn away even although the motor still worked just very very noisy. I was waiting for a replacement from Morrisons in Stirling who it seems had to source it from China, long and short of it was after 4 weeks waiting I cancelled the order and got a 2nd hand one from rover breakers. Quiet as a church mouse now.
John Dickson

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