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MG MGF Technical - wiper motor removal

hi all, im replacing my faulty wiper motor and would welcome any advice on removal and refitting i.e is it easier too take just the motor off the linkage or to take the whole linkage off and if so how do i go about this. many thanks, steve.
s hardy

You can only take the motor from the rest of the linkage once the whole unit is out of the car.

Working with bonnet open:
1) Unplug the wiper wiring
2) Force off the rose joints that hold the wiper arms to the motor mechanism.
Working with bonnet closed:
3) Remove the wiper arms
4) Carefully lever out the black plastic blanking plugs in the plastic grill that fits over the wipers. Use a couple of small screwdrivers so you don't damage the plugs or the grill.
5) Unscrew the posiscrews under the cover, preferably using a magnetised screwdriver.
6) Unbolt the wiper arm mountings.
7) Remove the plastic grille centre first and sliding the ends from under the glass screen.
Working with bonnet open:
8) Unscrew the posiscrew holding the motor bracket to the bulkhead.
9) Wiggle the complete unit and move around the parts until you have sufficient clearance to release the whole unit, but mind you don't scratch the paintwork.

The wiper arm and the motor crank don't have mating splines, so note the various positions as you remove parts for refitting - nail varnish is good for this.

Dieter has some good pics on his website showing the general layout of the mechanism and what to look for. The common one sems to be water inside the motor.

Good luck.


It's pretty easy, and if you want some pics have a look at Broon's instructions for fitting teh MS wiper mechanism. Shows dismatling standard so will be helpful
David (can't log in at work)

Loosening the clutch cylinder assembly so it can be angled slightly gives more room to manoeuvre the linkage out.

Mike Hankin

thanks all for your replys ,very helpfull i will be tackling it this weekend. thanks again
s hardy

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