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MG MGF Technical - wiper problem

OK - having a horrendous grinding noise from the wiper motor, and with winter coming on it needed looking at. Following the workshop manual I removed the intake panel and the blades, with the spindles and the motor loose I found it impossible to "lift out the motor and linkage" as the book glibly says. Am I missing anything ? Any tips please ?

up to the top - I'd be surprised if no-one's got the answer.... TIA

I think the servo gets in the way ???
I saw a post from Dieter i think where you have to loosen off the servo to allow just enough room to remove the motor - but could be wrong - whatever - be carefull not to overstress any pipes!

Anyone ??

Tony, thanks a lot - found the thread in the archive from earlier this month. As someone else tried to mend a motor and failed I think I will start saving for a new one....

>mend a motor...

:) nice one for my english dictionary, learned a new term.

Yes, I know someone here who increased the motor live after disassembling it.
He found a piece of the magnet loose inside and removed it. Was broken off from the 'turning internal part' (spelling?)
The motor makes still noises, cause it isn't good 'balanced' any longer, but it still does the job.

Dieter Koennecke

I had problems with my wiper motor. Took all the motor assembly with linkage out as per the book, except I had to loosen the clutch master cylinder from the bulkhead and push it out of the way. No need to remove pipes.

I found that the motor was full of water and the corrosion was pretty bad. The motor casing comes off easily and could be done in situ without removing the linkage etc. The corrosion had also attacked the wiring inside. I mended the broken wire with a soldering iron and cleaned out the crud from inside the casing using a piece of plasticine to pick up all the rust stuck to the magnets.

Then drilled a small hole in the bottom of the casing ie the lowest point of the casing when mounted in the car, so that any more water that gets in can drain out again. To top that I then filled in the aperture in the body work just above the wiper motor so that no rain falls on the motor anyway!


Bruce Caldwell

This thread was discussed between 18/11/2001 and 23/11/2001

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