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MG MGF Technical - Wiper Switch Failure

I set off for work this morning and discovered that my wipers would not work in any position of the stalk. The washers work. Checks using a meter suggest that it may be a switch failure. Has anyone else had a switch failure? I will attempt to diagnose properly when I get home to my circuit diagram tonight. I suppose it will be raining again by then! Thanks in advance.
Bruce Caldwell

the motor itself is prone to fail if water gets in. Also a fuse can have gone.

If you find the switch itself as the problem... I have got one spare and can sell it. Before you disassemble the switch, just drop me a line. I have done this just at last weekend and have got also some fotos.

Dieter Koennecke

My F needed 4 wiper motors before they kept working... They were that smart to put a hole for leaking out any incoming water on TOP of the motor assembly. Water defies all gravity laws you know!

it's probably a Lucas part, says it all ;-)

the testbook does show it when the motor is busted.

150 to fix, hopefully it's just a fuse, if not, get used to it :-

Just rushed out for quick peek Dirk - guess what Made In Germany!

Ted Newman

The motor COULDN'T POSSIBLY be a BMW sourced part could it?

No, impossible, BMWs DO NOT BREAK do they?


A Lowly B Owner

I think it was something to do with body odours as the name started off BO but I couldn't see the rest.

Ted Newman

A Lowly B Owner

Dont swear Wiz! They dont like being called bosch, hun, fritz or anything like that!
Cpl KIte

Dang! Forgot, sorry guys (and gals if applicable). :-)

So, does the MGF use some components, electrical or otherwise, common to some BMWs?
A Lowly B Owner

ROFL :)))).... dunno the brand or make.

>They dont like being called bosch, hun, fritz or anything like that!

It's anyway, .... if 'we' know who says it ;)... *grin*
Had no Kraut or Pork Saussage today :-(

But serious..
If the large black wiper motor cover is not on then the wiper motor will fail.
Dieter Koennecke

The MGF was all but complete before the BMW takeover so I would doubt it - but how many suppliers are there of these components these days!

The only part on the MGF that I know that was certainly BMW sourced was the lockable case that fits the chrome luggage rack - the case was constructed from identical parts to the case that was fitted on BMW bike.

Ted Newman

Dieter you (nor my wife) were supposed to read that!

I had saurkraut for lunch!


>I had saurkraut for lunch!
Lucky Ted ;-), I had nothing for lunch :(

Not on topic, but not only the lockable case is from BMW. Also the rack itself. Only the black metal holder under the lid is special made and as you mentioned the case.
The same case is also used at the Z3 with Z3 logo molded to its cover. Had noticed this while looking for a solution for my own chrome luggage rack.
BMW case is 30 quid cheaper then the MG case with the MG logo on the case.
BTW this parts are made in BELGIUM :)
Dieter Koennecke

Dieter, Ted, Dirk and the Lowly B Owner (apologies if I missed anyone out) how right you were. Got home and using the wiring diagram detected that the motor had gone open circuit on the black wire. Managed after much trial and tribulation to remove the whole unit. Had to move the brake master cylinder to get it out. Just like you said, water had leaked in. It had corroded the black wire. Re soldered the black wire back on and everything works fine. Will drill a hole in the bottom of the casing later when I have time and daylight. I'm also going to attempt to seal the aperture above the motor assembly to stop rain falling in there anyway. The aperture is the one which matches the heater intake on the other side.
Thank you all for your advice and the saurkraut!
Bruce Caldwell

my dealer drilled many holes in it & wrapped the (4th) motor in a plastic bag from a supermarket! Never had the problem again.

Problem with me was during winter, while you drive snow on windscreen melted, got into the motor, you park car, freezes at night, and in the morning your motor mechanism is a block of ice. Turn it on and the motor will slowly break because it tries to run but it is blocked. Had to wait 10 to 15 minutes before I could operate the wipers, and in the morning with an icy windscreen driving became basically impossible, so park next to road, keep engine running and wait!

Ahhh, those were the MGF days... :-/

Oh well, it has happened to me (again) - wiper wouldn't work today except to crawl across the windscreen at about 2cm/sec!

Looks like I need a new one. Rover quote 100.

Anyone know where I can get a cheap one/substitute part?

N837 OGF

I have had problems with my wipers as it seemed to depend on the switch position whether or not they worked, the relay was always working however. All I did was went through the wiring confirming connectors are all in place and ever since (touch wood) have been working.

Tom Randell

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