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MG MGF Technical - Wiring for front Fogs?

Will my 96MPI, have the wiring on the loom for front fog lights/swtich?. or is it start from scratch?!.


Hmm...... "No Answer" came the reply!!.

Maybe the reason you got no reply was that the experts, not me, I'm still a novice, don't know because it is your car and not a question whereby all cars are the same. All cars have their own idiosyncrasies and may not generally conform, if anybody knows I'm sure they will answer so don't leave comments that may seem to be sarcastic.

I am about to fit front fogs to my car, that wont help me answer your question though, because your car may be different to mine.

Adrian Clifford

As far as I know all F's have the wiring loom for the foggies, at least here in Holland. Is it a 1.8 MPI. if so it should have, but it may not be the case for the 1.6 MPI.

As these weren't sold in Holland i don't know.
Check under/behind the bumper for connector's and/or ask at the dealer's

Johan Slagter

Johan. Thanks :o)

Adrian. ??????


don't waste your time with searching in your MK1 MGF. You'll not find anything for front fogs, but the dead plug in the switch panel.

A kit including the _plug&play_ harness (but no diagram) was sold as upgrade kit.
Can't help with the diagram for MK1 MGF.

Anyway, it's a relay to be wired up only and see for meeting UK traffic regulations for using front fogs (together with headlamps?)
One wire feeds to the MFU behind the fuse panel.
No 15 note shon on this paper
(Apology, it's german only)

Dieter K.

The latest MGOC Mag had an article about fitting front fogs to an F. HTH

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