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MG MGF Technical - Wobbly Gear Lever

My neighbour has a 2 month old MG TF, 130hp I think. He asked me about the gear lever, which seems a bit vague.

The lever spring returns to the neutral position, but the springs don't seem very strong. The lever feels a bit floppy. The result is that it is difficult to drive the car because gear selection is a bit 'hit and miss'. I know that it is a cable change, but should it be like this?

Thanks for any comments,

Neil Lock

I think it shouldn't.
Ask him to complain at his dealer.

The upper bearings of the lever are from plastic and ... err.. a bit cheap design and sometimes bad adjusted.
There is no special spring that moves to neutral, but a weight at the lower end of the gearstick.
All together a kind of balance between weight at lever, friction of shafts in plastic bushes and friction in the cables and at last the force from springs inside the gearbox. Can be adjusted.
give an impression.

Some aftermarket suppliers have improved shift mechanic kits in their sales program. Though, not of interest for a new mgtf with warranty at this moment.

Dieter K.

The gear lever should not move in the way you say.

Mine has very limited movement, akin to the old v'hall viva ha / hc box...

( was it that long ago when v/hall got the gear box right)

take it back and get it looked at.

j langford

There are springs which return the lever to the centre, but they are intergral to the gearbox, sounds like a return job, but a failure would leave no return, rather than slow return

Will Munns

Thanks for your help everybody - I told him to take it back!

Neil Lock

New car new probs. From *F*iddly to *T*oo *F* Fiddly


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