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MG MGF Technical - wobbly when braking

Hello all

When to Silverstone last Sunday, I did not really know anyone there I was the Large asain bloke walking aroung in a HACKETT top.

I noticed one thing when I brake at high speed the car fells a bit wobbly. It may be the one pad is working more than the other( or one out of the four is not working)

Also a bloody annoying vibrating noise which comes from behind drivers side area at 3000RPM, (It is worse with roof up, than with roof down)

Has anyone had a similar problem??



>>I noticed one thing when I brake at high speed the car fells a bit wobbly. It may be the one pad is working more than the other( or one out of the four is not working)<<

Sounds familiar to me. Had it too (car tended to the left side when braking hard). Cause: one of the brakepads was more worn out than the one at the other side. After replacement of both brakepads, the trouble was cured.

So check the status of the brakepads.


Hi Sunil,

if your car tends to be unstable under hard breaking it could be due to the doubtful original tracking settings. I changed mine to 005' toe IN at the front and I really find it much more stable and secure when breaking hard and the turn-in seems to be sharper as well. So try it if you haven't done so already!


Just guessing here about your vibrating noise but I had a vibrating kind of sound from the engine during my vacation in France. It was engine knocking due to poor fuel. I have never had that problem with 95 in either the UK or in Germany/Holland but some BBSers have. Try some 98 to see if the sound dissapears or buy your 95 from a different company.
David Lamas Loureiro

Hi Sunil

I have to agree with all the guys here- the wobbly braking could be due to pad wear and tracking. Get the pads checked- could be a good excuse to uprate them by fitting EBC green stuff pads (plenty of recent threads on this topic!).

Also check the condition of the tyres, and the tyre pressures. Look for evidence of uneven wear- inner tyre edge wear is not uncommon, and is usually due to tracking misalignment. Can be reset either by your dealer or by a competent tyre centre.

The vibration is a tricky one. What kind of noise is it? Being worse with the roof up suggests that it could be originating from the engine or engine compartment- but this isn't all together clear. WHich model do you have? A 1.8 or a VVC?

Rob Bell

I have experienced a similar problem with my new vvc (Goodyear Eagle F1 Tyres). When I brake relatively hard the car follows any - and I mean any - undulations in the road. On a flat road (i.e. a motorway) it brakes in a perfectly straight line. I presume this is due to the low profile tyres. Does anyone have an opinion as to whether changing the tracking on the front tyres could help?


Rob Wood.
Rob Wood

Hi Rob

I had this problem after my car was serviced and the nice man pumped the poor car up to 390mm. After I lowered the car to 360mm the problem went away again.

You might want to check the ride hight / wheel allignement...

Stefan Gibney

Hi all,

I have the same problem, but in my case the left rear brake disc was a bit "wobbly". when driving slowly,
preferrably next to a wall for better noise reflection,
then you should hear a "scraping" noise of the pads rubbing against the uneven bit of the disc.

Regards from Germany

Hello Guys

Even worse I have found that I have an oil leak!!!

I have found that the tracking is spot on but I think that the break pad is sticking.

The vibration sounds like a cable vibrating againest metal work. I have had the roof off and checked the bonnett cables and the it is secure...

So god knows what it is, but it is really annoying.

Now for the f**+ing oil leak, I have had the car one month, it was AA checked(he found no leaks), and I have been told that it is a seal leaking near the drive shaft. The car has only done 20,000 miles and I have done 1,500 in the last month.

What should I do???? HELP!!



N440 GYG 1.8i BRG.

Rob/W, the steering effect is from the wider tyres on the 16" rims and not the profile. I found this a real problemn with 205s on my front 15" wheels. I think general opinion is 195s are the best for the front but I'm not sure if this is possible with the 16" rims.

I would try 205s on the front and if it still has this problem get some powerflex bushes fitted on your front suspension.

The pulling to one side when braking has gone since I fitted the bushes and had the tracking set to toe in at the front. This only ever happend in the wet.
Tony Smith

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