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MG MGF Technical - Won't Start

Help my "F" won't start
I started my "F" up on Friday no problems and went for about a 20 mile drive put it back in the garage and then started it up on Saturday and drove about 5 miles.
After stopping in a car park it started again then stalled and would not start. I called the RAC and they could not get it to start either and sent for a recovery truck. I also phoned the local mg specialist Kerridges and they sent out a mechanic who also could not get it to start. It was recovered to their garage and I now wait to see what is wrong.
Has anybody got any idea of what has happenned, there has been some talk of a broken cam belt but they are not sure. It turns over fine and just will not fire.
Any help would be very welcome
Thanks Bill

Broken cam belt is tinkle tinkle tinkle as you crank over, every tinkle represents 300!! New second hand engine is usually cheaper (unless you want to use the opp to get DVA to breath on the head).
Other poss could be a fault with the imobalizer, or a critical sensor such as the flywheel sensor/MAP sensor.
Will Munns

Bill, can you tell us more about the problem? What happens when you turn the key? No noise? Or do you get a clicking? Can you hear the fuel pump whirring as the ignition is switched on?
Rob Bell

If I turn the key the engine turns over but just does not fire. The MG mechanic disconnected ti fuel pump to see if it was flooded so I guess the fuel pump works but I did not hear the usual whirring so possible that is what is wrong.
On Friday the alarm was playing up and would not super lock and also when I took the keys out the normal buzzer noise as the imobalizer arms its self so maybe the problem is there. Every one who looked at it said they did not think the alarm was at fault as when the engine turned over the rev counter was flickering.
So far the garage have not had time to look at it
Thanks Bill

Two options here then - either there is a problem with fuelling or there is a problem with ignition.

If the immobiliser is not deactivating, then I'd be surprised to find the engine will turn over - but I haven't had much experience with this, and the Lucas 5AS immobilier is very reliable. However, to run a diagnostic test is pretty simple, and is detailed here:

So the first stage has to be to determine whether fuel is actually reaching the fuel rail - it is not unheard of for the fuel pump to fail - or for the inertia switch to cut power to the fuel pump (check to see whether it has been reset). You could also have a problem with a blocked fuel filter or a problem with the fuel pressure regulator.

Next you need to see whether you are getting a spark at the plugs. VVC owners have reported failed coil pack(s) before, and on pre-2001 MGFs, electrical arcing in the distributor due to fault with the cap or rotor arm could also cause problems, although failure to start would be surprising.

I guess with the car out of your hands you can't really do that much, but these will be some of the initial tests your mechanic is likely to undertake (or perhaps connect the MEMS straight up to Testbook to read the fault codes!)

Hopefully this will be something simple!
Rob Bell

I have been talking to the garage and it is not the cam belt. They think there is a problem with the ignition circuit and are going to investigate today so I should get it back tomorrow. Also there is a coolant leak they are going to fix that as well and give me a quote on a cam belt change as the car is 1998 and as far as I know has the original cam belt.

your description doiesn't sound like a cam belt - but if it is the original then you are damn lucky! (get the drive belt changed at the same time).
Will Munns

Hi all I have been talking to the garage and the ignition coil has failed and also they found a coolant leak on one of the hoses. they have replaced the coil and hose and it now runs ok 130 for it all. They have quoted 260 to replace the cam belt but cannot do it till next week so I think I will book it in for that.
Thanks for your help Bill

< Broken cam belt is tinkle tinkle tinkle as you crank over, every tinkle represents 300!! >

I had this on my old Rover 216 Coupe Will.... I guess I must have heard 4.5 tinkles... ;-)

Chris Tromans

LOL, ... don't think the _tinkle4value_ increases linear.
May be the last 0.5 was the most expensive ? ;)

Apology, the old German Joker couldn't resist.

Dieter K.

It's linear if plotted on a log scale Dieter.

I'll get me coat...
Rob Bell

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