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MG MGF Technical - Woops, my K&N filter slipped off...

I was out cleaning the car this weekend, and to my surprise found my K&N cone filter had come loose from the engine. Guess the clips weren't tightened enough. It didn't fully come off, but there was a fairly large gap. I have no idea how long its been like that and I'm worried sick that something nasty might have been sucked into the engine! The engine sounds and runs fine, but common sense tells me that any car engine doesn't like strange things including dust being sucked in without a filter. Is there something I should do to the engine to "flush out" any foreign objects? Or am I over-reacting?


Panic not! If there was anything of consequence ingested by the engine than you will have had immediate noitice of that. In terms of smaller atmospheric dirt then this has a grinding effect over many thousands of miles unless you operate in a Gulf State.

Roger Parker

Mike, when you replace the filter, make sure that the jubilee clip is as close to the end of the rubber tube as possible before re-tightening it onto the throttle body. This way you get a more stable attachment without having to resort to over tighening of the clip.


Rob Bell

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