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MG MGF Technical - Workshop handbook, gow to get?

I want to get hold of a WS-handbok for my MGF MK1, but the spare part dealers around here refuse to sell me one.

There is one right?

I'm almost sure that the EU anti trust laws actually would not allow them to refuse me that...

However, anyone know where i could order one? Are they available digitally?


I don't know why you are not able to order your workshop manual Oskar, as they are readily available (both paper and electronic based media) over the counter from any MG Rover garage here in the UK.

There is a French language workshop manual available to download off the net (look in the archives - it's in a technical thread). I wonder if Carl might be able to help you?
Rob Bell

Usually a few *copies* on eBay
Bob Millar

There is no "Hardcopy Available"

The CD was in the UK only available to Dealers but is now on the Open Market. In English at about £50 From B&G. or this BBS Header.

Geoff F.
G. Farthing

There is, and has for several years, been a printed, paper workshop manual available from MGR dealers in the UK. My copy is on the shelf behind me as we speak.

The, so called, RAVE CD that appears on eBay from time to time is an illegal copy of a disk that is MGR copyright and issued to dealers only.

The £50 CD openly available is similar to RAVe but is pertinent to one model only (RAVE covered all Rover & MG models up to 2000).

I have one copy of RAVE in" English", which you can have free , just pay the postage. email me your address and send me the postage and i will send it to you.
R J Hemphill

Anyone remember the link to the french manual? I don't seem to find the right word to search for in the archives... Ma francais n'est pas trés bien... ;-)

O Sander

try a search on Lotus Elise parts, I think Rob posted it there a couple of weeks ago(can't look myself as work system won't let me login as a member!)

by which I mean search MG archives for Lotus not the Lotus BBS - spent too long looking at the sun this morning!

<<There is no "Hardcopy Available">>

There is 1 currently available on MGF General if interested.

Oskar, from that post that Tony mentioned:

K16 MOTEUR (french) :



PG1 GEARBOX (english):

K16 ENGINE (english) :

Hope this helps
Rob Bell

I have a copy of the Rover workshop CD which I think includes the manual I will have a look.
jim kenny

Thanks guys!

Carl, could you mail me?

O Sander

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