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MG MGF Technical - Workshop Manual (update)

The latest copy MGOC Magazine shows F Manuals now in stock. I guess you need to be a member first?

Don't think so - give 'em a call !

M.J. Tait

I bought one from Brown & Gammons. It is a photocopy!!!

I brought one my my dealer and the cover looks like a photocopy.

Tom Randell

I have an original - and that is also a photo copy, what do you expect with such a low production run? Leather bound and gold blocked:-)

Ted Newman


I expected something of the same quality as the pukka MGB manual, which costs a lot less than 40.

My manual is obviously a photocopy because the person responsible for using the four hole punch was unable to line up the paper correctly before punching the holes.

It was bought as a birthday present and as such it was outshone by the Turkish Delight that came with it.


i was just going to order one but if they are 40 for a photo copy issue i think i will wait just a little longer for a car with a price tag it has, a photo copy sort of cheapens it so,i mean would ou expect to receive a photo copy manual if it was a Jag ?
david morris

There appears to be a misunderstanding - I have an original manual (as I said) and it is a photo-copy type production - not a photo-copy of an existing 'taken apart manual' but of a master and as a workshop manual is perfectly acceptable and funnily enough David the workshop manual for my last Jag was produced in the same way.

Do not forget what they are intended for - workshops!

My old Jag and my old MGB had proper printers productions - but then in those days the quality photo-copier did not exist!
They also cost (in relative terms) a hell of a lot more - I remember paying more than 30.00 for the Jag manual back in 1980, half a weeks wages then!

Ted - BTW note the use of the :-) in my previous post!
Ted Newman

As Ted says, it is perfectly adequate for it's intended use - as a workshop manual. One mod. which I did carry out on mine was to strengthen the pages by the addition of paper reinforcement rings on the front of each page (obviously, where the holes have been punched! ;^} )

M.J. Tait

Ted, point taken cheers Dave.
david morris

>is a photo-copy type production

laser print :), I think.

I recall that B&G supplies it as well. Just shop around.

BTW, what edition are you talkig about ?
I'm looking foreward to see Edition # 9 or whatelse will include the mgtf.
Dieter Koennecke

Hey, who needs a workshop manual? We got Dieter,;-)

Mike, I'm afraid what can you not supply ?

... which edition ?
Dieter Koennecke

There have been several threads recently where people have bemoaned the dearth of workshop manuals. I usually reply that they are readily available from B&G.

I started this thread simply as an alternative for manual supply. I really cannot be bothered to count the pages but it is about a ream and a half. If the paper has much heavier the manual would need a ring binder roughly 12cm deep and would weigh a "ton" (trying not to mix units).

My Triumph motorcycle manual was GBP 52, slightly heavier paper but no more usable.

I've only been visiting this BBS for 3 months but guess that a very large percentage of the questions can be answered from the workshop manual. BUT not with Dieters skill; or the other learned people who respond to questions.

Apologies to any person not named in the previous comment.

Apologies to any person named in the previous comment.

Well I feel better now I know everyone else has a photocopy too.

I think the reason why I was disappointed was because I also bought a manual for a vw corrado recently. Approximately the same number of pages, printed paper, nicely bound and imported from the States all for 70.


John, no reason to worry, IMO.
>that a very large percentage of the questions can be answered from the workshop manual

Not at all, most is not included, some is wrong or so bad written that even good craftsman can't deal with it. No analysis inside, electricals missing etc.

I think if someone would make it to real paperwork book instead of a pdf hyperlink stuff, which it seams to be designed to, then it could be cut down to 300 pages versus the current 838?.

Dieter <-- acid voice, but huge heart :D
Dieter Koennecke

If anyone is interested there's one for sale on EBAY at the moment. What is more it isn't a photocopy because the front cover is in colour, whereas mine is in glorious black and white

may be a mad idea. How about a standard damper test ?
Just to find out whether the dampening behavior is OK or not.
Can speak only for German availiable options. Damper tests get done here FOC for members of the ADAC at their local facilities. I think in the UK some tyre workshop should have such 'wobble'-machines.

In easiest case someone could follow yor care looking to the rear wheels and check whether any of them jumps or not.

Dieter Koennecke

Ooops, I'm sorry, pasted to the wrong thread.
Dieter Koennecke

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