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MG MGF Technical - World wide shortage of K&N filters?

Is there a worldwide shortage of K&N filters? - My dealer (Trident) is unable to get hold of one. Can anyone suggest an alternative source or a similar filter?

The dealer is suggesting a Pipercross filter as an alternative - any comments?

Cheers, Rob.

Try the Kinor site - I think the URL is in the FAQ.

Ted Newman

I had one on order for about 6 weeks. It didn't arrive and so I cancelled the order. I, too, have been wondering about the Pipercross one. Does anyone know of any performance figures relating to this one? (I imagine they would be similar to K & N?)


You could try Brown and Gammon (BG) who advertise at the top of the MGF Technical page.

There was a comparitive test of air filters last year in MG World as undertaken by our very own Rob and friends. I can remember that K&N won easily and have this nasty recollection that the Piper jobbie was at the other end of the table. Even nastier recollection that it delivered worse performance than the filter supplied by Rover...Could be wrong of course, memory does tend to go with age. Am certain however that the K&N won.

Why are you getting the garage to fit it? It is a dead simple and the instruction supplied clear. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that the job was done correctly.




There is a shortage of the MGF kits at the moment. We had 20 delivered last week and the last one went this morning.

I have K&N sales trying to get me a date on delivery. When I have an answer I will post a reply here.



We have K&N and Pipercross in stock.

There is an alternative.

Nip down the garden center, get a bit of fine wire mesh, then off to Mothercare and get a couple of disposable nappies.

get 4 milk saucpans, cut out the bottoms.

Hey presto you have the makings of the filters.

The good things about this solution, is that they will keep all the crap out.

This thread was discussed on 19/07/2000

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