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MG MGF Technical - Worrying unnecessarily?

I removed my rear drivers side wheel today and saw this...

Is there a way of checking the condition of my cambelt without removing parts of my car. (Sorry Im a newbie!!)
C Skelhorn

Alternator belt? Looks well past its best. You do not want to have it snap whilst your driving it, so replace it soon.


The cambelt has a long life and stronger structure than the alt belt, as long as it is done every 5 years or 60k miles (whichever comes soonest) the it should be OK. The alt belt is often not changed unless it has snapped even though it has to be removed to get at the cam belt.
Will Munns

Not unheard of for a disintegrating alternator belt to throw debris into harms way though, leading to cam belt failure... :o(
Rob Bell

btw, I miss the engine cover on the image.
Did it get lost at any time ?

btw, I'd be happy getting the permission to use one of your pictures on the above site :)
Dieter K.

Dieter - please use any images I have on your site. Your site has helped me no end. I have only had the car a month so do not know about the cover - is it available as a seperate item???

Will change the belt on Monday!!!!
C Skelhorn

Sorry - you mean the engine cover? I will check
C Skelhorn

>Will change the belt on Monday.

Get back immidiately and ask for instruktios here. I have in German language only (not my writing/experiance)
It's said to be an ar*e to get hands on one of the bolts.

Anyone out there up for this description ?

>Sorry - you mean the engine cover?
Errr, engine _side_ cover, or better said _alternator cover_.

Of course availiable as spare. Notice, there are two versions availiable. The old made from a kind of fabric. (expensive /unreliable)
The newer made for mgtf from plastic (mold?).
Ask for CLK000020 Mudshield-rear wheelarch app 20 quid? for MGTF VIN 2D600101 upwards.
But verify fitment abilities before you pay.
Another point to be confirmed by anyone out there.

PS. thank you for the permission :)

Dieter K.

This thread was discussed on 09/02/2005

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