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MG MGF Technical - worth fitting an ITG filter to TF160?

I have been toying with the idea of fitting the full ITG Maxogen filter from MS, whilst I wait for the turbo version of the TF to become available. Does anyone know, or have any idea if performance would be improved fitting this on a TF160?, and if there would be any BHP gains?


chris watton

Theoretically yes.

K+N 57i (the most effective filter independantly tested) is worth + 15 bhp on a stock VVC, TF 160 gets most of it's extra 15 bhp from a revised air intake, therefore fitting a K+N 57i to a TF or a Trophy 160 shouldn't show much if any bhp gain over standard.

However, the ITG Maxogen is 2 levels above the K+N 57i, having all the 'features' of the K+N plus an isolation chamber to prevent the filter drawing in hot air from the engine bay and a conical air intake which speeds up the air flow whilst retaining it's laminar charateristics, effectively acting like a hoover.

So, in theory the ITG Maxogen *should* be worth more than the K+N 57i, however, this has yet to be independantly prooven.

Scarlet Fever


Thanks for the input, I was thinking that if the ITG brings the power up to about 165 bhp it would be worth it, however, at 300+ it would be comforting to get confirmation about any extra bhp, I feel a little extra mid-range wouldn't go amiss, just wish the VVC came with a little more torque!

chris watton

No one has performed the necessary tests to answer that Chris - not even ITG themselves.

The ITG has a better airbox design than the standard OE part, so gains should be there.

IMO its worth taking the leap of faith Chris - and someone has to at some stage.

Best option for mid-range torque? A nice 4-2-1 exhaust manifold. But there is a need to engineer some flexibility into the exhaust system to replace the missing flexible union under the sump...
Rob Bell

A contrary view!

an ITG filter MIGHT deliver an extra 5 bhp for the outlay of 300.

Questions that arise

1. If it did deliver this huge advance, would you actually notice the 3% improvement in power?
2. It the ITG has been developed especially for the F then why have they not done some rolling road tests to show the benefits
3. Perhaps they have and the results do not make good advertising material
4. You will need to declare this performance "improvement" to your insurer and they will probably feel obliged to asked extra money from you for said "improvement" - adding more to the cost of the ITG.

85 for a K&N delivering a 10% improvement in power and a wonderful noise and a noticeably better drive - great value. ITG delivering ??? for 300...........


Patrick Beet


Thanks very much for the imput, however, me and my partner have just ordered a ZR160, (for her), and the salesman at Clarks in Worcester said that the turbo special edition version of the TF is imminent, as in the next few months, off the record that is. As soon as he has more details, he said I'll be the first to know. Not all dealers will be getting this version, only a selected few apparentley! lets hope eh!

chris watton


The BHP on the 160 is actually 157/8 BHP, so I figured if an ITG brought the output up by, say 7BHP, the figure would be around 165, I dont care about the top speed, as I will never probably try that out, just wanted a little more oomph in 3rd/4th, or am I being greedy!! Can't stop thinking about the turbo version now though!!, so will wait to see what my dealer says in the next month or so. The turbo K series petrol engine is about to go into the MG ZT, so I was told, anyone else know about this?

chris watton

I have a Trophy 160, and fitted an ITG Maxogen with Carbon airbox (or rather Mike Satur did) and it made a noticable improvement in both performance and noise. The airbox looks great as well.

I had a K&N on a VVC and whilst an improvement was there, and it sounded great, it wasn't a patch on the Maxogen.

I plan to get a Daytona fitted next week, will let you know how it feels after that!

The VVC had an SP exhaust, which I loved.

Turbo TF sounds interesting. Did he happen to mention anything about body mods etc?


Sounds like it may be worth it then, is the carbon airbox extra?, if so, how much?
the salesman never mentioned anything other that the turbo version will be a special edition and only a few will be sold for the time being when it's on sale, but he did say that it will be on-going, I'm as anxious as you to find out the output, body mods etc, I hope to get more info soon!!! If, however, it's a red herring, I will get the ITg fitted to my 160.

chris watton

IF there is a turbo TF, I guess that answers all our previous questions as to whether the engine will fit in the F/TF engine bay - apparantly it can!

Cool! :o)
Rob Bell

Interesting comment on new models - There is much misinformation being generated, but one comment is spot on!

Interesting discussion on the ITG and TF160. I have both, but not connected together! Two things are in the way, 1, I do not believe the advantages over the standard filter, with it's wider filer (greater filtration surface area) and two 'cold' air pick ups are going to be very significant. I can see some advanatge in perhaps relocating the one standard pick up as it is intended to cater for very cold, damp weather and provide a little warmer air. 2, is too few miles on a new car!

Having done some interesting recent runs with Dave Walker and a modified VVC and a number of air filter options the results are contrary to what would be expected. As a result a wider range of tests is being arranged for later September to clarify the issue.

On the ZS180, where the airfilter and resonator set up is somewhat restricted compared to the ZT190 set up, the ITG system as used on the F is proven to work well with power and torque, and has provided a consistently small but valued improvement in fuel consumption.

Roger Parker

Sounds to me like Rodger's confirmed the existence of a Turbo TF, due in the next couple of months!

L Reid

Sadly I think that Roger has been very careful NOT to confirm the existance of the TFT (or is that TTF?) which in his position i can well understand!

> but one comment is spot on!

like everybody will want one
Will Munns

Patrick wrote:

>> 85 for a K&N delivering a 10% improvement in power and a wonderful noise and a noticeably better drive - great value. ITG delivering ??? for 300........... <<

Not on a 160 spec engine Patrick, putting a K+N on a TF 160 or Trophy 160 is effectively replacing like for like. 85.00 for no extra performance is a lot of money for a nice induction sound. 300.00 for 7 bhp? Well that's a little better than what you get from a sports exhaust (MS Daytona = + 5 bhp) for about the same money. As with the exhaust, you get a nice sound and the parts last a lot longer, saving money in the long run (no more replacing the air filter every service, just clean and re-oil every 60K).


Will wrote:

>> like everybody will want one <<

Not me mate :-) All that extra heat in the engine bay...

Multiple throttle bodies, IMO that's the way to go (s*d the fuel consumption!!!) ;-)


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