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MG MGF Technical - Xpower induction and exhaust kits

Has anyone done any testing on the x power induction kits being marketed by janspeed? How do they compare with the ITG, K&N and Piper Cross induction and cold air box kits?

Ditto re the X power back box? I know the 4-2-1 manifold is supposed to be good.
marc hanson

The X-Power induction kit (the air filter) is the same kit marketed directly from ITG Marc. All the airbox equipped kits appear to work similarly well - assuming that the filter/airflow characteristics are adequate: Pipercross Viper seems to be good, as is the Taipan etc.

Regardingthe X-Power back box - well, this is the same kit sold directly from Janspeed (spot the pattern appearing here: MG Sport and Racing have cherry picked some of the best aftermarket kit currently on the market). Same holds for the exhaust manifold.

Steve recently tried the complete 172PS pack on his car at a recent RR day at G-Force. A bit of a disappointment as there was a MEMS issue whereby the ignition was retarded: the reason for this remains unclear, but hopefully we'll be able to confirm or refute MG's claims for this kit some time soon! :o)
Rob Bell

I've got the Xpower exhaust on my VVC - just the back box for now. It's a bit boy racer loud at low speed and a bit gruff but has a nice bike-ish bruuummmm-bop-bop-bop and a decent roarrrrrr when accelerating. It has taken a while to bed in (I was a little embarrassed when I first got it) but I'm warming to it. When I took the F down to Cornwall and squirted around the back roads (and where were the other Fs? In a week, I only saw 4 other Fs in the whole county and there are some great twisting up-and-downs away from the main tourist roads!), it added an extra sound which took me by surprise: A stereo whistling chirrup that alternated from one pipe to the other, back and forth. Most peculiar.
Steve Madden

well at least you get a "x power" logo on the XPR stuff...
marc hanson

I have looked on the Xpoweer web site and cannot see any reference to exhausts for the F (or any other car for that matter) do you have a link for the exhaust bits?

How much is the Xpower F back box?

What is it like in comparison to the Supersport or Daytona back box?
Kevin s

Kevin, X-Power only list exhausts for the TF on there website, but in the old catalogue it did state that "most TF parts fit MGF".
As I'm sure your aware MY2000 F's and TF share the same exhaust design so it would fit. You could also fit one to a pre MY2000 F if you obtain the 'elbow' from MS, MGFC or Janspeed themselves. X-Power may even be able to supply one to.

PS. According to this moths TotalMG the X-Power catalogue is now available electronically on Janspeed's website ;)
PPS. FYI Janspeed are now an official distributer of X-Power bits :D
Steve White

I've got the X-Power thruflow (as opposed to the performance unit - be careful which you buy as they cost the same. The thruflow has a deeper note but doesn't (officially) increase power.) back box on my TF135 & it sounds fantastic, burbles on tickover, barks on heavy acceleration & pops on throttle lift off & down changes.
Stops the car sounding like a Fiesta as it did with the standard exhaust.

My only criticism is that the drivers side pipe gets hotter than the passenger side & as a result the X-Power logo has all but burnt off - as it's welded on I can't easily get it changed. Minor but slightly annoying. That been said prefer to listen to it than look at it.

Happy MG'ing,

Could anybody point me please to the Xpower web-site? I'd like to see the exhaust in the flesh and the other stuff. Thanks

Well I've been on the Xpower web site and typed in "Exhaust" in the search field and it says there is nothing listed!!

Can someone please help me fine the exhaust section ( or just let me know how much the various bits are?)

Kevin s

Stephane,some of the S&R products are shown here:

Some more detail on Janspeed's website (now an official retailer of X-Power gear):

I can't recall the official website URL off the top of my head?
Rob Bell

You could also try ringing the on site shop at Longbridge as they're often cheaper than going through the dealer.

+44 (0)121 4823865


Thanks - I went onto both the XPower and the Janspeed sites. Just 2 quickies:

1) What are the Xpower intake systems worth? I presume these are no alternatives to cold air systems like the vader/Piperx

2) Would anybody have a picture of the XPower exhaust fitted onto a TF?

>> 1) What are the Xpower intake systems worth? I presume these are no alternatives to cold air systems like the vader/Piperx <<

The X Power intake systems are the same kits that ITG sell - and are an excellent alternative to the Vader/Taipan induction kits.

>>2) Would anybody have a picture of the XPower exhaust fitted onto a TF? <<

Ask Steve White (he's got the 172 kit fitted on his TF). He may have some pix in his gallery on forums (seach under his user name, Sharky).
Rob Bell

There's a picture of my TF on the x-power forums website which shows the x-power exhaust.

shows a general view of the rear & a close up of the detailing on the tailpipe.

hope this helps.

Looks fantastic ! The diameter is actually much bigger than the std exhaust. Gotta have it ! Is there only one exhaust type for the TF so that when I order it they don't get it wrong?

I like your spec sheet Steve - nice one :o)

Who is Steve Jenner?
Rob Bell


Thanks, the scanned copy I posted doesn't do the real thing justice - the colour match is much better.

It should say Graeme Jenner on it. He's the guy that drew it up for me. If you want one doing let me know & I'll give you his details - I've got them at home.


It's very nice work Steve. I might be interested - except the specs of my car are always changing! ROFL!

Does Graeme do these on a commercial basis?
Rob Bell the TF Spec sheet graphic very much.
Drop me a mail with artists details please...I think you have my e-mail address.
Blue Max


There's only one fitment for the TF so no problems ordering the wrong one. Just decide if you want the extra power or the deeper exhaust note & the happier insurance company (mine didn't charge any extra as I could prove it didn't increase power).

Rob, Graeme does do this as part of his living but not sure on what scale. I'm going to have him do another one for me when I've done my planned modifications so will have a before & after.

Bob, pretty sure I've got your e-mail address so expect mail soon.
S Preston


Just a final question. Is the tailpipe finisher length exactly the same as the standard? From the picture on the MG.Org site it would appear that it is not the case.

Stephane, you're right it does stick out a little bit further than the standard but not too far (maybe 1 - 1.5cm).

You won't regret getting one I assure you.

S Preston

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