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MG MGF Technical - ZS TD Hord failure

I bought one of the last MG ZS TD's (05 plate) off the production line. Great car never had any problems to date but the horn has always been a bit temperamental and has finally stopped working - is there a fuse ? If so where - I've read and reread the manual but there is no reference to a fuse for the horn either in the main or the engine fuse box ?? Rather solve this myself than take it in to a garage. Any help appreciated..

Mmmm this is a tricky one, especially as this is the MGF/TF board :)

Isnt the fuse either under the steering wheel, or under the bonnet?

Sorry, best I can offer.
Jason Gower


The fact that the horn has been dodgy for some time makes it unlikely that it is a blown fuse.

It could be that the fuse is slack, but this would probably affect other things.

If you have dual horns, then I would suspect the slip ring or push button connections on the steering wheel.

Sam Murray

Give it a whack with an American screw driver, take it somewhere where you won't bother your neighbours, and try adjusting the screw on the top of the horn assembly (I am not sure what horn your ZS uses - but if a sealed plastic unit, the latter option may not be of any use to you)

Good luck! :o)
Rob Bell

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