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MG TD TF 1500 - ? for Frank Cronin


I am trying to print a picture from the TF9052 site but can not isolate it to a single picture. I highlight and pull up the image I want to print but the printer instead prints the whole sheet of pictures. Is there something I am missing.

Bob Brown
R Brown

Its not easy to print. But use this technique:

Where nnn is the three digit number of the photo you want.

ie for photo number 002

Probably easiest to have two open windows at a time. One where you locate the picture and the other you print the picture from.
Chris Couper

Bob, how many pictures do you need print out? I can email you high resolution pictures. Dirtydish At comcast Dot net
Frank Cronin


Thanks your suggestion it worked perfectly for what I required. Needed photo 240 to show my painter how the side tank cover was to be painted. In the past I have seen and on my previous restorations the inner portion of the cover is painted and the rolled edge is left in chrome. On 9052 they have just left the flat portion chromed, and since this is the best example of an unrestored car I have to assume that is the way it was done by the factory.


Thanks for your help and for this one the web picture should suffice but if I need something in more detail I will keep your offer in mind.

R Brown

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