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MG TD TF 1500 - ?? Gas Tank Rehab

In midst of long delay gas tank rehab , cleaning and sealing. I have a couple of questions:
#1 What could have happended to what I remember as the brass screen on the fuel line tank adaptor that I put on about six years ago.(picture attached,only seam left and it's coroded white)
#2 what should I seal the adaptor inlet and threads and the fuel float hole with so that the sealer doesn't fowl the threads and leak out.
#3 What have people used to plug gas fill with so that they can rotate the tank to slosh the cleaners and sealers all around

Jon Levine

1)Dude, you got some baaddd drugs there!
It was either some vicious contaminants, or some electrolytic thing, which probably also takes alien substances, since it is not a usual condition. The seam remains because it was solder covered, hence in a different place in the galvanic series. I'd be checking grounds anyplace electrikcity can get to the fuel system -fuel light, pump, even engine grounds if there are no rubber (insulating) sections in the lines.

2) Permatex Aviation Non-hardening Form-a-Gasket number 2. The reliable fall back for nearly any sealing application, once you've tried all the modern hocus-pocus that didn't work. Some puppies learn quicker than others.

3) plastic wrap under the cap? cork? big condom?

FR Millmore

Jon; Used expandable rubber freeze plugs in filler and level sensor holes while sloshing. Available at most auto parts stores in a variety of sizes. Found rubber corks of the correct sizes at Lowes for the threaded holes. I put the sender screws in the holes till they were just flush with inside surface of the tank to preserve the threads and yet still be able to remove after drying time. Dan
Dan Craig

1) - Agree with Fletcher - Baaddd drugs ;-)
The fuel tank is not grounded anywhere except through the fuel line to the pump and to ground (if the pump is grounded as it should). It would be a good idea to run a ground wire off one of the sending unit screws and run it to the frame of the car somewhere close at hand - also, make sure that the fuel pump is grounded as it should be. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Jon, the expandable freeze plug should work great. For closing off the sending unit hole get a small round electrical cover plate. Drill six holes in it matching the spacing of the sending unit. Using a dab of Permatex #2, install the cover plate using the original 3BA screws. Plug the outlet hole with another brass plug similar to the one at the drain opening. Ground that tank! Call me if you need anything. Bud
Bud Krueger

Does anyone know the dimensions/thread of the tank gas line adaptor so I could get a plug which would not strip threads
Jon Levine

Jon, I have a couple of spares. I'll give you a call in the morning. Bud
Bud Krueger

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