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MG TD TF 1500 - ?? Pre Fuel Pump Filter

The board especially one the Dave Bs recently helped me sort out my "fuel stavation" problem. Pretty evident the tank is full of rust and ddebris and has to be stripped and sealed (leaning towards Zinc Phosphate) But that wuill robablt take time and do some damage to mt recent respray , so I intend to do it over the winter and attempt to preserve some of this short driving season. Here are my thoughts, empty the tank pull out the in tank filter screen reattcah and place an inlibe fuel filter before the pump. If the filter cloggs I'll carry a spare , quick switch and I'm off ( yesterday I died pulled the tank line off the pump and blew it out with all my strength and breath and it actually worked. My reluctance I seem to remember a thread a while back which admonishd against any additional filters in line before the pump warning of catastrophic pump failure ??? Anyone remeber such or have any comments on my short term plan, long term is pretty clear,BTW it took plus three years for my filter to clog since Rosie's rebirth
Jon Levine


If you are careful, you can clean and seal your fuel tank without damaging the exterior finish. Here is a T-Talk link to what I did. All is well two years later.

Larry Shoer

Jon - Yo saw my admonishment regarding a modern, high efficiency filter between the tank and the. The problem is that the modern filters will clog almost instantly with any debris that is in the tank and will cause the pump to stall in a current on condition and will cause the internal swamping resistor to burn out if power is left on the pump for any period of time in this condition. This is not a catastrophic failure, but will result in greatly reduced points life after the resistor is burned out. In your situation, where you are aware that the filter may well become clogged and have a spare with you, you can avoid any problems by just shutting the ignition off whenever the engine starts stalling due to fuel starvation and changing the auxiliary filter, then remove it as soon as the tank is cleaned and sealed. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

You could also fuse the fuel pump very closely so that if the pump stalls in the current ON condition the fuse will blow.
Bob Jeffers

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