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MG TD TF 1500 - ?? Which Oil Filter

10-12 years ago bought the oil filter adaptor, but forgot from who I think either Bob Grunneau or AS. Thought I still had additional filters, nope just two empty white boxes with the stamp of GFE 148. Does anyone know the interchanges for either of these two models willing to by a few to get the right one, which I'll write in permanent magic marker on the ceiling
Jon Levine

The archives has a lot of posts on this - search under "Napa Gold Filter."

Also depends on whether you have the early or late oil pump.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Tom, If I do the search as advised 3 different Napa numbers come to light .

1515 / 1516 / 1300 a bit confusing I think .

Which one to use ??.

Gerard Hengeveld

Well, the 1300 goes into the standard late can, it replaces the felt type with a cartridge type.

The 1515 is a bit bigger than the 1516. You can go to the NAPA site and check specs. Both have similar properties including anti drainback.
Dave Braun

The GFE 148 is what goes in the midget/Sprite maybe search for that.
I ran Midgets 40 years ago and still remember the number.Must be doing something right.
Ray TF 2884
Ray Lee

Jon, what's your engine number? Bud
Bud Krueger

My engine number is 4035, but when I got the car the PO had put and after market oil filter which w a large canister mounted on the tool box with two long copper pipes and it took a Sears and Roebuck filter. I changed out for an adaptor which mounts vertically facing down (older type) which I think I bought from Bob Grunea or AS looking at my old postings asking about the filter in 2003 I have an old empty white non branded box from what I think was my last stash of filters with the imprint on GFE 148 don't remember source and doesn't have a brand, but filter still on smallish white hangs vertically on the the ?? stainless convertor
Jon Levine

Bob is a/k/a Bob Grunau <> I'll bet he can tell you about the spin-on filter. Bud
Bud Krueger

From Google:

Bud Krueger

The PO used MANN 719/15.

That filter is different from GFE 148 (image of Bud) which should be equal to MANN 712.

719/15 has a bypass opening valve with 2,5bar/36 psi and it has an anti drain back valve.

I guess the anti drain back valve is a good idea but I doubt the baypass opening valve is okay.


Hi Jon,
I don't think A/S wasn't selling a spin-on filter when you bought yours. Bob Grunau's horizontal filter is designed to use a filter of the NAPA 1515/1516 type. The 1516 is easier to install, see for my write-up. I don't have an image of your car with the bonnet open, so I can't say which filter you have.
Jon, I just cross-referenced the GFE 148. It is not the NAPA 1515/1516 type. It crosses to a WIX 51339/51374. That would be a NAPA 1339 or 1374. I would say that you have a vertical spin-on filter. The GFE 148 is a BLMI GFE-148. NAPA could cross it for you. Bud
Bud Krueger

The Wix site crossover from GFE148 goes to a Wix WL7098, which looks correct. Bud, ASL sold a cast aluminum adaptor for many years starting in the 70s that did not have the steel inserts. I have a couple with stripped banjo bolt holes in my junk collection. You can read Wix 51516 on the filter on the Moss site- I think that is the longer version. Most important thing is to make sure the oil will flow the correct direction. At some point years ago I found something that would fit that really restricted oil flow. George
George Butz III

But what is a "approve" spin on filter for the XPAG engine?

If I know I can compare with MANN or BOSCH.

GFE148 was a Unipart filter.
3/4 - 16 UNF thread so many equivalents that will fit
Dave H
Dave Hill

Thank you Dave

W712 is a cross reference- but there are W712/x filters with bypass opening valve and with anti drain back valve.

What is recommended?

Jon, IMHO, your best bet is to remove the present filter and see what it says on it. Virtually every spin-on filter that we run into mount with the standard 3/4-16 thread. The sealing gasket varies and the insides will vary. Bud
Bud Krueger

I put the oil filter adapter on the TF (bought from Moss about 10 years ago). My filter reference numbers are: NAPA GOLD 1516, Bosch 3422, AC PF 6500, FRAM PH 3600, WIX 51516. I hope this helps.
C.T. Irwin

Hi, I happened across this thread, hopefully I can give some general info from a recent Spridget search thread.

I've found all databases and catalogues have errors and omissions, some are better than others but generally be very wary of ones like oil filter cross-references.

Info on by-pass and anti-drain valves -

For Unipart GFE 148 / 166 / 443 equivalent filters with both by-pass and anti-drain valves you can look at -

. K&N PS-1002
. K&N HP-1002
. Fram XG3614 -

Bosch 0 451 102 056 (P 2056) and Mann W712 do not have either valves (they both look as if they might be made on the same production line, only 2g difference in weight).

The Wix WL7098 (in the link I found) states it's without a by-pass valve and doesn't mention anti-drain valve.

I don't know about XPAG engines but we decided the Mann filter with 2.5 bar/250kPa/36 psi was too high for the (1275) A-series.

I can't remember if the Unipart filters mentioned have one, both or no valves, not bought them for a good while.


(Fram info from Willy Revit (great name))

Nigel Atkins

Nigel wrote:

" don't know about XPAG engines but we decided the Mann filter with 2.5 bar/250kPa/36 psi was too high for the (1275) A-series."

The Fram XG3614 has 0,82bar/12psi. What was the reason to decide against 2,5 bar?

I recall seeing Jon's car when he first got it, some number of years ago. It's a 1950 Car #TD4034, Engine # would be #4376 according to T-Register. The car has had many modifications. Among them was a very strange configuration of plumbing to work in an oil filter. I just spoke with Jon. He says that the filter is vertical. The filters that came in the box were painted a plain white color and the GE 148 numbering was the only identification on the box. Jon recalls a conversation that we had about the difference between the NAPA 1515 and 1516 filters and his decision to use the 1516. He's probably going to unscrew the filter and take it NAPA to match it up. Jon is in the box that many of us had been in recently wherein his 'membership' has been undone and he can't add anything, but he can read the postings. Bud
Bud Krueger

"What was the reason to decide against 2.5 bar?"

I suppose just my totally non-technical decision based on Willy's reply (below) to my question of - 36 psi sounds too high to me but I don't know - what does the team think/know?

"It's getting up there--that means that if your oil is cold and you stoke it onto it and enough oil can't get through the filter you have to have 36psi up before the valve bypasses oil--this is when the damage occurs specially towards the end of the oil change period when the filter is getting dirtier and the oil is thicker cold

Having said that, it's better than no bypass at all".

By the 'good book' (Driver's Handbook) the oil pressure for my A-series 1275 should be approx 20 psi at idle and approx 40-70psi normal, mine sits at 40-45psi warm idle and around 75 psi warm 3,000 revs, showing there are many variables.

But I'm sure there very many Spridgets that have oil filters without by-pass valves, you pay your money and make your choice.
Nigel Atkins

I choose a filter with a bypass opening valve of 1 bar and with anti drain back valve (a must if horizontal orientatied). I also choose the filter with a maxium length. A friend of mine who was active in motor building for Formula 3 told me to do so because a bigger filter is able to cool down the oil more than a small filter.

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