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MG TD TF 1500 - 1 1/2' air filters

With a lot of help from others I have got my TD MkII on the road after 9 years. The problem now if that the K&N air filters I just bought don't fit. The front one hits the bonnet. In the archives I found an article about grinding down the spacers that are between the manifold and carbs. My questions are whether anyone has done this or can I just remove the spacers? Moss catalog shows they are for the TF, not the TD. Thanks
Joel Schofield

See if this fits your needs. E-3290 fit the TF cleaners OK, not sure about Mk II.

I bought one to try out and it was fine, only needed a minor grind at the point of the vapor return comes in. So I bought another. Little pricey, but did the job.

Dick Lambert

There should be no spacers on the Mark II; you may have TF carbs, or someone may have put them there to avoid vapor lock. They will be too long with spacers installed. I use TF filters with cut-down K&N elements when I don't use the original set-up.

What is the number of your Mark II?

Thanks. Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Thanks for the feedback. In the archives someone said the spacers were supposed to help with heat so I didn't want to just remove them without asking.
The car is 18385.
Joel Schofield

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