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MG TD TF 1500 - 123 ignition

I'm in doubt to put in a 123 ignition in my TF 1500 and i wonder what experiences owners of a 1500 TF have with the new 123 ignition. Is there a great improvement on starting, driving, fuel consumption? Is it simple to build in?


Jan Mekes
JTM Mekes


No experiences with an 123 ignition on a TD or TF at all?


JTM Mekes

It SHOULD perfom exactly the same as a properly rebuilt original distributor, just at double the cost!
Jeff Schlemmer

No experience with the "123" ...but lots in the archives about pertronix!
I have been very happy (for over 5 years) with that on my TF!
I also have installed it on TR7 and Opel GT.
Happy with all of them!
Better starting & running on all.
Cheers & Best Regards
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

Jan, I have no personal experience with the 123 electronic ignition/distributor but I also have a Healey and some of these guys have tried it. Recent reports of some problems from the guys in the UK, and among them it has a reputation for unreliability. This is of course anecdotal information. You might want to check with some people there.

The US people I have heard talking about it seemed to be in a constant quest for the "right" vacuum advance setting. Of course they all initially "love it", sorta like Edsel owners ;>). A couple have reported infant mortality failures, but this is not unusual when home mechanics install electronics.

I was initially only available in positive ground.?

D C Congleton

My last sentence above has a typo- I meant to say the was initially available in positive ground only and you may have to change your car's polarity if you haven't already.

D C Congleton

Dallas has great point - a lot of new electronics die when they're not properly installed. ANy time you install a Pertronix, Crane, Lumenition, or 123, you need to match the coil to the system and don't EVER switch the polarity!!! That's a recipe for disaster. If yu don't know or understand how to test your coil, hold off on the installation until you learn how, or get some good help. Or just buy a new coil and be certain about it!!!

Personally, I've posted my opinion on the 123 in the MGB Tech section if anyone cares. There are a few things I don't care for in how it functions, but I'm sure its MUCH better than a worn out original!!! I put out an offer to do a free rebuild for someone who has one so they can do a true head-to-head comparison but no one ever took me up on it.

Sorry for writing a novel.
Jeff Schlemmer

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