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MG TD TF 1500 - 123ignition

in 2006 there was a tread on this full electronic ignition system:

Is there in the mean time any experiance report availaible ? Did somebody installed it on an XPAG engine ?

for more detailes ref. to:



I'm not surprised that there were no responses to your posting.

In North America, we really have only one supplier (there are others) of soldid state ignition.

pertronix, a supplier to hot-rodders, extended their line to include solid state ignition systems to a wide variety of British cars and at very attractive prices. Moreover, they made their product available for positive earth connection. See:-

A Petronix unit for a TD/TF sells for about $90 US, or about
Gordon A. Clark


I bought one recently, when the dollar was very strong(sigh!), and fitted without any problems. You are left with some 'dead' wires hanging unloved, which makes me feel a little uncomfortable, but it works.

It has certainly improved ignition, and led to weakening the mix, slowing down the slow run and replacingf the coil, all of which were signs of age, and which the Pertronix shhowed up. Timing without a gap to watch needs either a trial and error approach, or a strobe light.

Would I do it agaiin; certainly.
Ian Bowers

I have installed 123ignion on a friendís MGA, it seems to work well.
You cannot compare the 123 with the Pertronix system.
The Pertronix only replaces the points with an electronic switch,(The latest versions have some spark optimization) but still use the original centrifugal advance mechanism. Whereas the 123 has 16 electronically mapped advance curves available.

J Scragg

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