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MG TD TF 1500 - 123Ignition

Thank you Peter and John for your information.

Is anyone else using an electronic ignition from 123Ignitions?

I wanted to get some feed back on your experience with the product on the XPAG and the company.

Mort 50 TD

I don't use one on my XPAG (still on the floor in pieces), but I use one on my MG midget vintage racer.

Works great. Extremely reliable, fairly easy to set up, though it wasn't compatible with my Crane, which I just eliminated.

One of the best things about it is the Bosch distributor cap and rotor. They are a Volvo specification. They are thick and solid and make the Lucas stock stuff look as flimsy and prone to failure as it is. Part of the reason I went with it was the constant problem with replacement rotors and caps. Also, the Petronix I was using dropped the magnets out of the collar, as they do eventually.

I haven't have much experience with the company, as I haven't needed it. The one thing I did have some difficulty with was getting a part number for replacement caps and rotors (I haven't actually needed one, but wanted spares for the race box). I got a vague answer that they were Volvo and had to do some work to find some that fit. The company could have certainly be more helpful in that regard, though perhaps they rarely get that kind of inquiry since it seems the ones supplied are so sturdy.
David Littlefield

Hi Mort,
I use the 123 ignition since 2 year without problems. It's easy to change the ignition curve. I use a curve that normal until 1500 rpm and than rises 4 degrees above normal. Makes 2 to 4 PS more than normal (proved on an rolling street)

Many of my friens use it too.

Happy New Year
Klaus Harthof

I use it since 5 Years and I will not miss it.
Before I go with the original distributer and I have had always trouble. In cold or wet weather the engine doesn’t fired. Now all is much better. Even after storage of 3 or 4 Month the engine starts without any problems.
This year I make an 1800 miles trip through south England for 4 weeks with sunshine but also with damp or raining days. There was never ever any starting problem. The car was running absolutely perfect.
Even now, the car is stored in the very north of Germany on the border to Denmark. There is an Island in the North Sea called “Sylt” with wet humidity and cold temperature. When I arrived last week the engine starts on the first attempt. The 123 is a very reliable system.
Needles to say that I do not have any relation to the company except as a satisfy customer.
Have a good new year 2015
GK Guenter

Is this a true "bolt on" dizzy or will it need modifications in any way? I have never seen the 123 dizzy advertised for T types, only for MGB.


Jan Emil Kristoffersen

According to their web site and my e-mails with them, they make it for the T types.

Guenter, Klaus and David
Thank you gentlemen. I am much encouraged and will place my order today.

Mort 50 TD

Mort, Klaus and Guenter; keep us posted on this distributor,


Jan Emil Kristoffersen

I have one which is actually my original spare distributor which was sent to Holland via Classic Cars here in Sydney, completely reconditioned & then fitted with the 123 & sent back here. All for less than $500. I use the original dizzy cap but decided to use 7mm black Magnacore suppressed silicon leads with fittings that are compatible with the original TD Champion plug caps & dizzy lead caps. Probably not necessary but as the only potential problem with EI's is stray emf's I didn't want to risk it. The only visible difference from the original ex factory TD on my car is the absence of the black cotton fabric covering on the HT leads & there are two low voltage leads coming from the coil, one black & one red. They are much thinner than the original wire. I was thinking of using some white heat shrink to cover these two wires & then painting the spiral black trace to simulate the original wire. But then you have to remember that I'm anal. Yet to fire the old girl up so I can't comment on performance. The 16 curves are very easily adjusted with the screwdriver that comes as part of the EI kit. Takes just a few seconds. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

123 Ignition conversion is available for all MG TTypes

Even for super charged XPAG's

Sorry for German language.
GK Guenter

780 Aussie Dollars plus shipping , sh*te it would want to be good for that and probably is but not for this little Vegemite.

still looking for a TF 1500 Distributor or parts if anyone has one to spare.

G Mills

I agree, hell of a lot of money to replace a time proven part. I figure if something lasted 50 years or more, it had to be made fairly well. When I sent the distributor out from one of my cars to be rebuilt, I was asked if I wanted it converted to electronic or keep the points? I asked which would they recommended and the answer was points! Needless to say I kept the points and three years later it's still working like a clock without being touched! I have a new Crane system setting on the shelf, but I'm a believer in, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Jeff at advance distributors get my stuff when needed.
Ok, I have a couple *plug and play* cars and if they get testy, they go to the dealer, I refuse to touch them, as their electronic nightmares and I don't have a 20 thousand dollar machine to plug them into. Grin. PJ
Paul S Jennings

"780 Aussie Dollars plus shipping"? Mine was just a bit more than half that including shipping. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

525 euros with your own distributor rebuilt. That is pretty steep. I think I will stick to my pertronix LS set up
Jan Emil Kristoffersen

Jan, is your Pertronix LS positive earth? I know Bud is testing an LS system in his negative earth TD and I'd like to put one in mine but for tradition sake I'm staying PE. Thanks. Jud
J K Chapin

I have a 123Ignition distributor in my '67 Porsche 912. It's a really nice unit. I got it before the programmable unit was available for the Porsche, but I would get the programmable one if I ordered it now.

I'm glad to hear it's now available for XPAG engines. Might be overkill for this engine, though; there are other options besides that or the Pertronix.

I think that the superiority of electronic ignition over points, and especially digitally controlled spark advance over mechanical, is obvious.
S Maas


my TF is neg earth.
Jan Emil Kristoffersen


"TD Conversions require you send us the original gear or complete unit so we can remove the gear"
Gene Gillam

Try Leen APK in the Netherlands. They don't list a TD version, so you might have to call them. They list the MGB version for 289 eu. That price will drop significantly when you check out and give them a US shipping address (they deduct the VAT).
S Maas

The Pertronix will work with positive earth.
Mort 50 TD

Thanks Mort. My understanding is that "LS" stands for Lobe Sensing that does not require a collar. Jud
J K Chapin

Mort, which Pertronix model are you referring to? Bud
Bud Krueger

That's correct Jud, the LS reads the cam lobe itself and no collar with magnet inserts is needed. Very neat, but I understand that some mean it needs specially shielded coil- and plug wires. I don't have that, but it works seemingly fine in my XPEG.


Jan Emil Kristoffersen

Jan, do I understand that you are using the LS version of the Pertronix without shielded sparking plug wires and with no problems? Thanks. Jud
J K Chapin

Here are some photos.

Mort 50 TD


Mort 50 TD

Right, Mort, that model is for a positive Ground car. It's not one to use in a negative ground car. Bud
Bud Krueger

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