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MG TD TF 1500 - 15/32' TF Floor boards?

I cannot get 3/8" plywood in any grade in this town for TF floor boards, but can get 15/32" baltic birch. Is that extra 0.15 inch going to mess me up as afar as hardware (floor board mounting kit) length goes? thanks, Tyler
C.T. Irwin

Gene Gillam

See if you can find marine plywood. It comes in 3/8s and three ply which is better. It is also waterproof. Birch tends to rot out faster than other woods if it is wet and covered - fallen birch trees with thier bark on will rot to mush in no time.
I am not an expert of plywood but this is what I have been told . . .
Godspeed in Safety Fast
John Crawley


I am a fan of the Baltic Birch. I does need to be sealled/painted to keep moisture out but the strength to thickness is, in my unlearned oppinion, superior. There is a good bit of information in the archives on creating new floorboards. I used the measurements/layout that are reference in the archives.

As for the thickness of the plywood, I don't believe the extra 0.15 inchs will make any difference. The previous owner of my TD had 1 inch thick plywood floorboards (not recommended but it still must have worked).

I have pictures and even a template that I put together if that would help. Just contact me off-line at patrick dot earles @ comcast dot net.

Patrick Earles

I live in a small town also but the local lumber yard ordered me a 4'x8' marine plywood with no problems. Took just a few days to deliver. Came "wrapped" in 4x8 OSB for protection.
efh Haskell

I am just about to make up some new floor boards for my TF but unfortunately don't have the originals to copy. I can easilly make up a template but can someone please let me know if the transmission tunnel flange fits below or above the boards. Similarly how does the gear box cover fit. From what I can see the tunnel goes below and the gear box cover above. A template making tip I learnt whilst building a body for my prewar MG is to lay the card out roughly with about 1" to spare all round. You then stick small pieces, about 2" x 6" all around the edge. It's easy to push these into corners etc to get a perfect fit.


Jan T

J Targosz


Tunnel below, trans cover above.
Paul sr

There are errors in the floorboard plans. I suggest doing a layout on paper before cutting any wood. Bud
Bud Krueger

Thanks Paul and Bud,

My car's steering wheel is at the "proper" side and I don't think I can simply turn over ones from a LHD car. The info I really needed was if the gearbox cover fits above the floor boards.

Than you

Jan T
J Targosz

Could I just confirm something that was mentioned in an earlier post by Paul sr. "Tunnel below, trans cover above" Is the tunnel referred to the propeller shaft cover and does this attach directly to the chassis with the floorboards on top. The trans cover is the gearbox cover and this sits on top of the floorboards. Thanks for any help with this. Terminology a bit different.
D Lamb

I used 3/8 Baltic birch, which I JOINED pieces to the original floor boards. It appeared to be the same width. Originally I ordered a small piece from Rockler, enough to fix the front 1/3 of the TD floorboards.
When I was doing the seats I ordered a sheet from the local Lumber yard. (Local is 2 blocks away).
Baltic Birch is really a metric measurement. I would guess 9mm is what they would call it. Mine measured 0.368. The seat bottoms measured 0.370. Close enough.

Jim B.

JA Benjamin

D Lamb, a picture is worth a thousand words. I copied this photo from this BBS, I don't know who originally submitted it. John

JR Mahone

Thanks JR just what I was looking for. That explains a few things.
D Lamb

I made my floorboards from phenolic impregnated plywood and then you just have to seal the edges. This is the dark brown plywood used for truck and trailer loading areas. It is quite cheap and tough as nails and will certainly see me down.
D Burns

I made my floorboards using standard available 15/32 ply from Home Depot - the good quality sanded material. Then I varnished it with varnish cut 40% with thinners so that it totally soaked into the wood. I gave it about 10 coats before you could even see varnish appear on the surface, it all soaked in. It's much tougher now because it's basically been totally impregnated! Never had a problem with the extra 1/16 thickness.
Geoffrey M Baker

I originally posted this over a year ago. I ended up using 15/32 marine grade plywood, found locally. I guess I've made some progress since then (photo). I did the final bonnet fitting tonight.


C.T. Irwin

Wow Tyler your car looks fabulous. Did you paint it Black or Dark Blue. I am also at bonnet fitting stage but only in primer as a trial to avoid damaging panels later. Enjoy. Darryl 54 TF
D Lamb

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