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MG TD TF 1500 - 1947 TC?????? for sale

This has to be an all time high misrepresentation.
James Neel

Agreed.... I just sent them the following message

Greetings, The cockpit of this car is built around a late MG midget and has absolutely nothing that is or to do with an MG TC. I think you would be wise to correct your listing to reflect that fact.
L E D LaVerne

Looks a like an Excalibur kit. Why would anyone register this as an MG of any type? As they say, it takes all kinds! What a screwed up mess that would be trying to registering it in some states, especially where it has to pass an inspectors approval.

Actually this is what they were.

Here was his response which I think is a complete misrepresentation of the car and he knows it. Regardless of what the title says.


Good eye , Correct but the vehicle is legally titled as a 1947 MG so legally we CAN'T change it. California law. Have a great weekend.

Kind Regards,

Tom Berry

Sales Manager

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L E D LaVerne

Damn,, that thing is Ugly,I won't say anything about the Company that is misrepresenting it !!! Momma wouldn't like it!!
Steve Wincze

Well, it isn't a TC...that's obvious. Nice though for what it is. Just a kit car.

Brian W.

This is the reply I got.

"The car is a "kit Car" and can use a title from an older vehicle here in the United States and can be sold in any state. It is a legally titled vehicle which uses a donor vehicle in at least some area. This car was built by a legitimate auto manufacture as a kit car. I like you, don't agree with how it is titled but by law we have to list it as it is titled.

Best regards,
Tom Berry
Sales Manager

Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

And there is not, nor ever was, any such car number as "MGTC23961". So the car has a made up, illegal VIN number. Furthermore, to say California law doesn't allow changing the title is completely false. I've personally done it on cars with incorrect VIN numbers.
Steve Simmons

LaVerne found the correct manufacturer, and there are examples out there offered under correct title:

There's nothing "TC" about that car. The only MG thing about it is the windshield and doors - and the doors were lengthened.

The description of the car under the ad is actually accurate. Even in the description the only mention of MG is in talking about the doors.

Great set of pictures of one of these on a Hemmings listing - and it's correctly identified in the listing as a Clenet.

Apparently these things command a certain price, but they are sold as what they are, not as MGs.

Bobby Galvez

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