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MG TD TF 1500 - 1953 TD/C issue

I just replaced the Girling shocks on my '52 TD/C with Armstrongs. Problem: When I went to install the Armstrongs where the Girlings were, they did NOT fit and had to go where my Andrexes were. So, do I have to drill new holes for the bolts for the Andrexes? Andrex and Armstrong shocks have the SAME hole pattern but Armstongs differ from Girlings by about 3/4 inch. This MUST have happened to others besides me.

John Redman
Gardiner, NY
John Redman

John, my early TD came with Girlings, at some time was switched to Armstrong and now I am switching back to Girling. The bolt pattern was the same on my car.
Richard Taylor TD3983

Are you talking about only the rear shocks?

t lange


Yes, only on the rear.


Amazing. So, there are two different rear Armstrongs out there?

John Redman

John, I may have lied. There could have been Armstrong on the front but the original Girling on the rear. I did have armstrong rears but maybe they had not been used. I have a really bad memory and its getting worse, thats why I take lots of pictures. I will look through them tonight and see just what was on there.
Richard Taylor TD3983

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