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MG TD TF 1500 - 1954 MG TF fuel pump location

We are restoring a 1954 MG TF which the customer delivered in boxes of rusted parts. We are @ 70% completed but since we did not dismantle the vehicle and have no photos taken during dismantling, we need location of the fuel pump.Could anyone please post a photo of the location and description of the pump's location. thankyouthankyou!
E saylor

I neglected to mention that it is right-hand drive. Sorry.
E saylor

It's on the right rear frame in this area.

LaVerne and Dan Craig working on LaVerne's TF fuel pump at a gas station rest stop.

Gene Gillam

Look in the archives for "TF fuel pump". there's a great photo of the pump's location. Bud
Bud Krueger

E saylor:

What is the chassis number of the TF?

Anders Ditlev Clausager states on page 73 of his "Original MG T Series" ...

"At first the TF had a low pressure type fuel pump mounted on the scuttle similar to the TD, but from chassis number TF/1501, in December 1953, a high pressure or HP-type pump was fitted. This was mounted on the right-hand chassis side member in front of the rear wheel. Earlier cars could be modified and many probably were."

TF Service Parts AKD804 shows petrol pump #AUA425, commencing Engine No. 30301 "Fin. at Engine No 31536"

Then it lists petrol pump (high-pressure) #AUA54, Comm. Engine No. 31537.

So, TF/501 through TF/1500 had the fuel pump under the bonnet. Mounted to the tool box? (Looks like it would interfere with the windshield wiper motor.)

FWIW the toolbox on my TF7211 is not drilled for a fuel pump.

LM Cook

Using Lonnie's information and looking at the car number, the attached picture is of the fuel pump location of of the fuel pump on the later TFs. Cheers - Dave

DW DuBois

TF0570 has the fuel pump in the original location near the upper left corner of the firewall, when looking from the front.


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