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MG TD TF 1500 - 1954 MGTF with low original miles

Good day. I hope that someone is able to assist me and that I don't offend anyone here. I have an mgtf that I began stripping in preparation for restoration but the best laid plans sometimes don't work the way we plan. Due to some health concerns I just don't have the time or energy to continue the work required and while I have a fair amount invested I also realize I will not get it back.

I am hoping that someone can give me a ball park figure of value as it is time to sell it to someone who is willing to complete it.

When I bought it it was a running car and had been driven from Texas to Vancouver BC and then put in storage for many years in a warehouse. I have taken the fenders, running boards, petrol tank and body off the frame and I have done the wooden body structure. The body panels have all has pieces fabricated and welded to the quarter panels with all rust cut out.

New parts included are a black harts top, new red leather interior, new wiring loom, rubber kit and it appears to also include an engine gasket kit. Any other parts I find would be included. Any ideas on value would be appreciated.

Brian Smith (1950 TD3376)

Brian if you were to post a few pics of the car as she is now that may induce a few suggestions on current market value. Difficult to price just on the description alone. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

Thanks Peter, I have a couple pictures posted here. Picture 1 below


Brian Smith (1950 TD3376)

picture 2

Brian Smith (1950 TD3376)

picture 3

Brian Smith (1950 TD3376)

last one for now

Brian Smith (1950 TD3376)

Based upon what I paid for my 1250 TF, I reckon $A7500 would be top $.
G Evans

G Evans, just to confirm, are you considering the new spares as well or just the car? Also I did mention low mileage but didn't specify, it has 42000 original miles.

Brian Smith (1950 TD3376)

G Evens, if there is a similar TF in Oz for $7500 let me know and I will buy it!!
Don TF 4887
D J Walker

Brian, are you sure of the year of the car? What is the chassis number on the left front dumb iron? PJ

Maybe a similar sort of project?

M Magilton

Paul, the TF is a 1954 model and the number is TF5979. It was exported to NA from the factory and was supplied as a black car with red interior, wire wheels and adjustable steering column. My understanding is that it was in a collection in Oklahoma for a part of its life and went to Texus prior to being purchased and driven back to Canada. It was bought on a whim by a healey enthusiast and ended up being the more reliable vehicle and breakdown vehicle to assist the AH. It took 10 days to drive to Vancouver and 10 days later was purchased by a fellow in Vancouver who never drove it, he just stored it in a warehouse until I bought it. The previous owner started purchasing parts for restoration but was unable to work on it. I bought new wood as required to rebuild the body and the body is getting close.

So that there is no confusion, I also own ( and drive ) a fully restored MG TD as noted to the left.

Brian Smith (1950 TD3376)

There are only two pictures on my website but if you click on the picture of the TF you will get to them. My website is


You may need to copy this address to your browser.

Brian Smith (1950 TD3376)


I based my value on these differences:

This not a 1500?
Motor not rebuilt, although low Ks
Gearbox not rebuilt, although low Ks
Suspension and brakes not rebuilt
Radiator condition unknown
Body not undercoated
Chrome condition unknown although images depict it appears sound

Yes you have some parts, mine came with a brand new wiring harness, body undercoated, no rust, tub rebuilt and many new chrome parts.

What determines price is what else is in the market place at the time and level of interest in being am MG owner which is declining within the younger generation.

Not being critical the other issue that burnt me was the quality of work carried out by POs, until you physically have a vehicle in your possession there are many unknowns.
G Evans

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