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MG TD TF 1500 - 1954 TD car article.

I have been having good luck finding old car magazines with articles about the TD at my local flea market.

This one is from the February 1954 International Car Review.

Of note, In this magazine, they list cars from 31 British Car companies. How many British Car companies are there left?

I like the last paragraph for the TD. "A four seater sedan is also available that does not offer particularly sensational performance but is quite well built. Four seater touring cars may be had by special arrangement"

I am assuming they are talking about the MG YT, but this is a 54 magazine and the YT ended in 50.

If anyone would like a page for another British car form 1954, post it and I will scan it.

Bruce Cunha

What do you think the wheels are?

LM Cook

From 1954 there is still Morgan, but I struggle to think of any others still going that remain in British hands. You could say Jaguar Land Rover were still British (mostly), though they are Indian owned. A number of British car names have been lost and revived from time to time, but I don't count those. Aston Martin might still be counted as British. Rolls Royce and Bentley are German owned but still manufacture in Britain.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Pretty sure they are hub caps

SPW Wincze

The wheels look like they have an overlay discs on them, possibly held on with the hub caps and outer rim clips. Whatever they are their ugly! LOL. PJ
Paul Jennings

The sedan will be the ZA. The 4 Seater will be the U.S. based Inskip special bodied TD.

M Magilton

They look like Ace Mercury Discs (sometimes called Turbo-trims) which were popular in the late 50's and early 60's. Ace made two types of trims... one was a trim ring that was applied under the nave plate (hub cap) - probably what's shown here on your TD in this thread - whilst they made another trim which was a full disc that was secured by a spinner connected to a threaded cap that fastened between the drum and wheel.

Below is a photo of an MG Magnette Varitone with the latter arrangement - note the hexagonal MG logo'd spinners.

Kevin McLemore

Ace Turbo-Trim ad.

Kevin McLemore

And here's a close-up of their full-disc offering. I had these on and MG midget and my Sabra Sport also came with them. In the case of the Sabra it had a large red "S" in the centre of the spinner, which was eared like a wire wheel spinner. All of Ace's products were made of anodized light alumninium stampings and as such were easily damaged, hence so few have survived. The Triumph Herald offered the trim rings as a factory options.

Kevin McLemore

Would make a good dustbin lid. (Archaic British English).
Dave H
Dave Hill

My 1949 Triumph 2000 "Renown" came from new with earlier Ace "Rinbellishers" (now THAT'S a name!). I've never seen another set. They were secured by screwed clamps (that look a lot like a straight Jubilee clamp) through the ventilation slots in the wheel's rim.

Kevin McLemore

"At what is really too many revolutions per minute for longevity." Even with the national average speed limit at 55 MPH in the US they still thought the gearing was wrong.

TW Burchfield

Inskip had something like this.

Christopher Couper

Part of an early sixties ACE brochure:

Nick Herwegh

....and next page:

Nick Herwegh

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