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MG TD TF 1500 - 1954 TF prices

I have a 1954 TF I would like to sell and purchase another MG. I need help on figuring a fair price for the car. The body is in very shape as is the paint. The color is red but it is not an original color. The interior is all new, the wiring harness is new, it has dual fuel pumps (the SU is rebuilt), the carbs have been rebuilt, tyres are new with chrome wire wheels, tonneau is new, all lights work in and out. The radiator is excellent. Now for the limitations. The top is in excellent shape but is not original. There are no side curtains. The engine is not original to the car but is the same 1250 engine. I have found some oil in the forward two cylinders but I am not obviously burning oil, i.e I don't need to add oil often and there is no smoke.
This is my problem--should I sell the car as it is or have the engine repaired? If the problem is only the valves it should not be a problem to fix but if it is the cylinders then I would potentially be investing a lot of money in the car. So, should I get the engine repaired prior to selling of offer it and explain the problem with the engine. Also, any suggestions on what a fair price might be for the car? Is a good source for prices?
LD Kanaster

Larry -- I've been a bit surprised to see what I would call some elevated prices for TFs on places like Hemming Motor News web-site, eBay. From what you've described, I would think that your TF should be anywhere from the high teens to the low 20s. Others may differ, but I think that range of prices is certainly in the ball park.

Good luck -- John
John Brickell

I would agree with John on price and I don't think that I would bother with the motor, if the car is running well.
David Werblow

I would have to agree with the "hi teens /low 20's".
Not having orginial engine could be an issue with some buyers...but not all.
Your willingness to disclose the oil problem should be much appreciated by perspective buyer.
As for for fixing it ...IMHO kind of a delima there.
If you are going to do the work yourself you might be setting yourself up for someone to continue to return to you for each little problem they encounter, if it sells "locally". If done by a shop why not let the new owner deal with them directly. This might be better if the car ends up far away as the repair shop would be closer to them for any "issues" that might come up.
I would rather pay a little less for the car and get the work done in Ohio than have a freshly re-built engine done by a shop in an example.

I backed out of a deal on a 68 Firebird last year, because the engine had been "rebuilt" the seller felt the car was worth more money. The only info the seller could give me on the engine was that it had been re-built by "somebody" in Michigan. I would have been more inclined to purchase it if it had no motor or a blown one over paying a "premium" for work I had no idea who did. That did have a lot to do with the fact that it ran very poorly for an engine with less that 500 miles on the re-build! MY TF had more power than the 400 V8 in that one. LOL
David Sheward

You could end up spending 3K on the motor- if the crank is fine. I vote sell it as is. George
George Butz

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