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MG TD TF 1500 - 1968 Moss Motors bill

I found this in a parts box in my newly acquired 51 TD. I thought some of you might be interested in the prices back in 1968.

TW Burchfield

Yeah and if made $12,000 a year you were doing pretty well.
Christopher Couper

Note the printing in red "THE FOLLOWING PARTS ARE ON BACK ORDER" At GOF West in San Diego back in 1980, Al Moss was presented with a set of personalized license plates that read "BAKORDR"
Bruce TD4139 Cunha

Great stuff! Probably not many of those old receipts left. What a treasure.
Steve Simmons

From the tail pipe that was on the TC at my place last year. I would guess that the pipe was sent unboxed based on the fact that the shipping info was on the tag taped to the pipe.

MG LaVerne

I don't remember any Moss receits but you might remember this 1969 SU fuel pump price from J C Whitney. There was a sales flyer from Moss about this time period and you could pick up some real bargins including many things they no longer complete Healey 6 cylinder engines for 300 bucks, fenders for the same at 75 bucks. There was a receit from a shop that did list a lot of parts that went into his TF I believe and the prices would make you cry today.

MG LaVerne

Christopher, you are correct. My kids told me how lucky I was as a teenager to get gas at 32 cents a gallon. I reminded them that I was working as a dishwasher after school making 50 cents an hour.
TW Burchfield

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