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MG TD TF 1500 - 3 TF Questions

Any help please would be really appreciated.

I have a couple of questions.

1 I can find no picture of how the rear sidescreens are attached. I have the slot for the rear but how is the front secured. Is it the same as the front side screens. Would anyone have a pic so I can get the orientation correct. Also Is it just a normal woods screw that is inserted in the rear slot to allow securing of the sidescreen.

2 Does the toolbox have a block of wood across the bottom of others or is the floor flat. Again a pic would be great to see how this is finished.


D Lamb

The three holes you see in the wood would hold a chromed triangular bracket with a threaded stud protruding from it. It then has a one sided wing nut to hold the curtain. I believe it is the same as the doors. There is a block of wood to one side in the floor of the tool box to keep the Jack from sliding around.
W. A. Chasserq

You can find a wealth of information on an unrestored TF here;

I have seen this car and it is unbelievable

Hope this helps,,,

Steve Wincze

I believe that the three holes in the wood are for the hood frame.

Steve Wincze

Darryl, The block of wood is 1 inch X 1 1/2.screwed from the underside of tool box before the felt is fitted

Oops your right Steve. My bad
W. A. Chasserq

Hi Darryl. Some info on the tool box.

Tool Box Felt.

The TC, TD & TF tool boxes were originally lined with 3 pieces of ¼” off white woollen felt. See pic below provided by John Chester Freeman. The 2 pieces for the front & rear of the tool box are identical & are fitted first, once the timber block that stabilizes the jack has been screwed into position. This timber block measures 1 ½” wide & 1 ¼” high & should be made from a species of timber that will not split when screwed. It is located over the two holes in the bottom of the tool box on the driver’s side of RHD cars. Ensure that the jack fits prior to securing the block.

A cut-out is made in both of the front & rear pieces of felt so that they each fit snugly over the timber block. The third piece is then fitted. This consists of both ends & the base. It is fitted last to ensure that the cut-outs in the front & rear pieces are completely hidden. The felt may be glued in place using a clear, exterior grade PVA woodworking glue or similar. Care should be taken to ensure that allowance is made to go up, across & down the block prior to cutting this piece to length & also that whatever type of adhesive is used, it is not visible through the felt when the installation is complete. © Peter Hehir 2014.

Peter TD 5801

P Hehir

Thanks guys for all the info.

Never noticed the 3 holes as they are holding the wood in place. I guess they double up also as a mount for the hood...never considered that.

I constantly refer the that car Steve it's amazing but in this instance it's hard to see the sidescreen attachment as it's level with the seat side.

Would anyone have a pic of theirs so I get the orientation of the bracket correct.

Great info on the tool box Peter I will be coming back to that when I trim the car.
D Lamb

My TF 1500. Factory upholstery, fittings and hood bow colour. Not certain when the change from flat to Phillips screws took place.


M Magilton

" Not certain when the change from flat to Phillips screws took place."

-With the TD.

Be well,
D. Sander

Perfect Matthew just what I was looking for. Thanks
D Lamb

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