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MG TD TF 1500 - '3000 Documated Mile' TD

Where to begin...
1953? June, 1952.

Bumpers with rubber packing
re-paint, wrong welting
tank side panels not painted
wrong dash
wrong interior, steering wheel, carpet
chrome radiator slats
Original, from the factory, wire wheels (and red, at that!)
replaced top
Motometer (why, when there is a dual gauge installed?)

Engine - where to begin, again?
valve cover (love the safety-lock screws), oil filter the wrong color
no engine lock-wire, so it has clearly been rebuilt - after 3,000 "original" miles!
etc. etc. etc.

And it sold for $28,000! Am I being too picky?

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

We can't help support your psyche without a link.
Christopher Couper

t lange

She sure is pretty though!
Steven Devine

WHAT A BUNCH OF BULL !!!!!!!!!!! And that dealer is right here in CT !! I was even told that they do good work !!!!! There is soo much BULL in their ad for this car !!!!!!!!
Is this a repost?? It doesn't mention that it was sold,,,,

Steve Wincze

I just re read your post,,,
>> Original, from the factory, wire wheels (and red, at that!) << Are we looking at the same car????These wires are chrome,,,

Steve Wincze

Sorry, gents, I should not post after midnight... Mea culpa.

Here is the correct link to the car I was originally describing:

Of course, I COULD say some things about the car in the incorrect link above, which really deserves some place in our Hall of Shame.

Tom lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Tom and ALL,
I STILL stand by my post about the first car that was posted,,

Steve Wincze

Wow, Those red "factory" wire wheels are the cat's meow! Wonder if you could get them in different colors like, Blue, Green, Yellow? Probably not, seeing how they were available from the factory for just one year! Some of these ads should be put in the humor section. LOL. Problem though, some unknowing people fall for these ads. PJ
Paul S Jennings

One of the cheesiest full restorations I have ever seen. I suspect the 3100 original miles are referencing the tires :-)
Christopher Couper

Hope somebody got a free pair of hip-boots before entering his "clement controlled studio"!
"Clement" being another term for B S ?

Purchased by a bored lawyer that always wanted to own a car lot?
Shouldn't have any trouble proving "100% ALL ORGINAL" as claimed as false advertising!

IMHO: $12k car at the very most...and that's pushing it.

This must be what you emailed me about ....there was no link in the email.
David Sheward 55 TF1500 # 7427

Typical mid-70s restoration w/ wrinkle finish valve cover, chrome air cleaner, etc. Looks like late Lucas replacement generator with spade terminals also. Wonder why that was shot w/ 3K miles? Oil pump body black so likely was off, Interesting bid went from $17 to $28K in one jump. George
George Butz

To be fair, he said only 3100 documented miles- the rest apparently we undocumented.
J K Barter

I feel sorry for the buyer. Imagine what will happen when they show up at a show, all prowd of their 3,000 mile all original survivor, and they get the news...
D. Sander

IMHO: This is a prime example of how much better Fee-Bay was back when you could contact any bidder and warn them about bogus listings!

One can only hope the buyer takes a friend along to inspect this, before paying for it, that knows a bit about these cars. (Or finds this site!)

I should just keep my pie-hole shut ....but I didn't:

Dear kptully,

"exceedingly rare, 100% ALL ORGINAL, numbers matching, entirely correct" ? Do you have any idea how far from true that statement is? Hope your buyer doesn't hold you to this. The list of what is "wrong" is long and very obvious just from the pictures of this car! It has been through a restoration, and not a very good one. Short list of what is "wrong" Dash, Steering wheel, Interior, Paint, piping, Bumper Guards, Air cleaner, Wheels, Top, Valve cover, Air cleaner, Generator, Hose clamps. I feel sorry for the buyer if he thinks he has purchased what you advertised this car as.

David Sheward 55 TF1500 # 7427

Better yet, contact the dealer and give them the 'facts' regarding the car they listed. Then they can't claim ignorance.
R C Flowers

These "sellers" have had the facts presented to them on many occasions on these type listings.
With a few exceptions, the majority chose to ignore the truth even when it is as obvious this one is.

Years ago there was a guy selling Carburetor Synchronizer & SU tool kit(S) on Feebay for starting bid of $120 (Back then the pair was about $20.) I contacted the buyers and sent them a link to Moss.
The "seller" threated me with a law suit ...but never followed through.

This is no longer possible in that Feebay is all "anonymous" now.
David Sheward 55 TF1500 # 7427

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