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MG TD TF 1500 - '31,000-mile' TD

I wonder why, if the car has only 31,000 miles, it has been re-painted, the dash replaced, dash center-panel, steering wheel hub, gas tank side-panels, door hinges, etc all painted green. etc. etc.?

eBay 271236804612

Tom Lange
t lange

"Believed to have covered only 31,000 miles since new"...
Not "believed" by others!

I "believed" I had a winning mega lotto ticket ...right up till I checked the numbers last week.
Maybe I should have listed it on Flea-bay before I checked!?
David Sheward

With apologies to W. C. Fields: Everybody's gotta believe in something - I believe I'll have another beer.

J K Chapin


sometimes there are strange offers fot t-types on the web.

Some years ago, I bought TD2 19435 from a farm in Wisconsin, Appleton area.
My car left Abingdon in black finish with red upholstery and was painted red in the late 1950's. It was hardly used and when I bought this TD,the odometer showed 29877 Mls.
The leather and trim was in real bad condition, having alway set in an open shed and lots of dust had gathered everywhere but all mechanical items, axles, steering, drivetrain, proved the recorded mileage.

So it seems not that unusual that there are still some low milage cars around.


R.S. Ralph Siebenhaar

Ralph - I absolutely agree with you, but this is probably not one of them! Replaced dash, interior, paint, etc.

Tom Lange
t lange

That's my "second" most favorite line from WC!
Frist one involves water, why he won't drink it, and what fish do in it.

Speaking of water ...I am like over this rain.
I did not have a lake when I mowed this morning.
This is about 6' deep

David Sheward

Send it my way...we could use for sure...

W.C. he had a million of em..
L E D LaVerne

It has an NEMGTR badge on the bar. As far as I can make out the car number is 13419. Looked through the TSO CD-ROM and found no sign of that Car No. up to 2005. Very interesting NY license plate. Bud
Bud Krueger

David, I know - washed away 5 inches of new gravel in the driveway (ruts 6 inches deep) and floated the liner in the pool. Everything is mildewed and I got caught and soaked last Friday (I now have a hood from Moss but it's still in the bag and I hate tops anyway). Where's a good drought when you want one? Please, oh please, Weather Gods, give us some safe (i.e., dry) driving days.

Yours in soggieness,

J K Chapin

There is a fellow not far fro me with a 1952 TD with just over 34,000 miles. His father bought it new. It has not been driven since the early sixties. It has been in this same garage at his home. Unwilling to talk to me about selling - he says somebody would only try and get it for a steal. Bottom line here is the car looks like hell from oxidization, no fluids through any systems whatsoever, etc., etc. Not sure about the car Tom Lange brought up in this thread - but, possible based upon this one I've seen.


Jerry Chandler 1951 TD

That is a unique color combination. Wonder how the PO came up with it.
Bruce Cunha


The speedo on my 1250 TF reads just over 24000 miles yet the POs had rebuilt the engine, fitted a TC gearbox,stripped the body,replaced all wooden frame members, rebuilt the suspension and sand blasted and primed all panels.

The speedo is not broken however stripping the upholstery led me to believe the car had been submerged in a flood some time in its life.

Would be nice to have a crystal ball sometimes to know the true history of some of these cars.

G Evans

Experience breeds skepticism.
My TF was an EBay find.
According to the advert:
"100 point car"
"34k documented original miles"
"Recent $30k restoration to all original documented"
(What ever that is supposed to mean? LOL)

At the price I bid it would have been the deal of the century had all that been accurate!

I made arraignments with the seller that payment was to remain in bank escrow pending inspection and released only after approval and verification of all claims made in the posting.
I would urge anyone purchasing a car on line to do the same, dependent on price. (I have bought cars without doing this ...but "cheaper ones".) If the seller will not agree to this ...walk away, don't bid!

As it turned out, Izzy" was a decent driver with an older restoration and worth the price I paid.
Actually could have sold it before I got home at a decent profit to someone else that wanted it and had cash.
I had promised the seller I would not do that as it was "his" customer making the offer. (and chasing me down the freeway!) A long story I will not go into here.

David Sheward

To re-iterate what I wrote before, I have no doubt that there are quite a few low-mileage cars running around, and still to be found in sheds and barns and garages. I even have a couple!

This just isn't one of them!

t lange

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